15 July 2024, 03:15
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RTA product at every level from Furniture To Go

Furniture To Go, a one-stop shop supplier that offers products from a number of Europe’s leading manufacturers, will be displaying its latest ranges at the january Furniture Show (stand 4-B45), taking place at the NEC Birmingham from 21st-24th this month. 

"We are the UK’s ready-to-assemble (RTA) partner of choice," states the supplier. "In the ever-changing world of furniture, we invite you to be part of our growing success, with commercial Good, Better and Best furniture ranges available, all under one roof.

"Our Good furniture is where practicality meets affordability without compromising style. Ideal for those venturing into their first home, or seeking more temporary solutions, these budget-friendly pieces promise comfort and functionality, creating a welcoming ambiance without breaking the bank.

"Moving up to the realm of Better furniture, craftsmanship takes centre stage, and quality reigns supreme. Elevate living spaces with pieces that strike the perfect balance between cost and sophistication. A higher-grade material, improved durability, and designs that effortlessly blend practicality with a touch of luxury.

"Finally, prepare to be captivated by the epitome of opulence – our Best furniture. Here, each piece is a masterpiece, boasting exquisite design, superior construction, and unparalleled attention to detail – a lifestyle choice that transcends mere functionality, becoming timeless investments that redefine style and quality.

"We offer something to cater for every customer need. Whether they are looking for the budget-friendly allure of Good, the balanced sophistication of Better, or the unmatched excellence of Best, FTG is your guide to transforming living spaces into a haven of comfort and style.

"With full marketing support, a UK customer service office, on-shelf availability of 98%, and same-day dispatch, you really should be part of our ongoing growth!"

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