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Settle for nothing less, says Handy

NBF Bed Industry Awards 2020 finalist Handy says its innovative Tuft Length Adjustor is set to transform personalised mattress comfort, by putting it in the hands of the consumer …

Typically, tufted mattresses may experience settlement of up to 20% during the first few months of use as the various internal fillings compress due to use, states Handy, a leading UK supplier of bedding and upholstery products and services. 

Mattresses are normally tufted to ensure that fillings do not shift, and when the filling depth reduces during the settlement period, the length of the tufts remains unchanged. As a result, the tufts can become loose and sit proud of the mattress surface.

Handy’s innovative Tuft Length Adjustor enables the consumer to easily shorten the tufts following this initial settlement period, restoring the mattress to its pre-delivery condition and enabling the fillings and tuft head to be adjusted and properly held in place – thus maintaining optimum comfort and longevity. 

By adjusting the tuft, the consumer also has the potential to alter the firmness of their mattress, zonally. For example, somebody with shoulder pain may want a different level of firmness for the shoulder area compared to the rest of the mattress. The adjustors also allow modifications to be made to accommodate the individual preferences of people using a double mattress. 

Handy’s MD, Nick Harland-Smith, says; “There is nothing better than lying on a mattress for the first time and knowing that it is the one for you. With the Tuft Length Adjustor, we allow the end user to always be in control of the firmness of their mattress, for a truly tailored night’s sleep. 

“The product provides a real USP for mattress manufacturers, and we are delighted to have been recognised for this industry-leading award. We look forward to working with our manufacturing clients to put this innovative new product into the market.” 

Handy has supplied bedding and upholstery manufacturers for the past 30 years, offering over 1500 tried-and-tested components alongside a unique tufting and product development service. The supplier recently launched a new website and brand to demonstrate its modern offer to UK manufacturers.

Nick adds: “We are proud to offer a truly unique service to our bedding and upholstery partners, developing pioneering new products and services that take care of their manufacturing needs.”

Click/tap here to find out more about the Tuft Length Adjustor and Handy’s bespoke services.

Pictured: Nick Harland-Smith (right) led the component’s development

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