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By Furniture News Sept 07, 2022

Simba gives sleep the green light

Simba has unveiled Green Organic (GO), its most organic mattress to date – at a time in which sleep quality has never been more important, the brand reports … 

Studies have shown that two out of every three adults experienced a decline in sleep quality since the start of the pandemic, states Simba – and that getting less than six hours of quality sleep a night doubles the risk of cancer, while poor sleep is the biggest single cause of mental health issues.

Simba says that these findings are frightening, when one considers that 44% of the UK population say they struggle with sleep, 64% of poor sleepers have at least one physical health disorder, and 48% of adults and two-thirds of teenagers (66%) agree that sleeping badly has a negative effect on their mental health.

Championing advances in sustainable sleep architecture, and challenging its engineers to balance smart design, technology and nature to generate a lower-impact mattress with half the carbon emissions of a traditional hybrid mattress, Simba has unveiled the Green Organic (GO).

Handmade from naturally biodegradable, renewable or recycled materials, Simba’s most organic mattress to date is striving to make the planet a better place, one sleep at a time. The Simba GO blends six layers of sustainable, organic materials with technologically advanced ones – all in “cool, comfortable, sustainable harmony”.

Believing that a better-rested population will be happier and develop less health issues over time, Simba’s head of sustainability, Emma Reid, says it is clear that “what’s good for our health must also be good for the planet. Today, our mission is to not only be the most innovative sleep tech brand in the world, but also the most responsible”.

Simba’s ambition has always been much more than selling the most comfortable and innovative mattress – and the brand has always wanted to offer the world a greater service, with the firm belief that everyone has the right to a good night’s sleep.

“Our design promise is to deliver cutting-edge sleep technology that helps counter the disastrous health effects of poor sleep and improve the daily life and health of every sleeper around the world,” says Emma. 

“While all Simba mattresses are 100% recyclable, we have consciously designed the Simba GO with a view to making the whole disassembling and recycling process even easier. It’s another important step for Simba towards being circular.”

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