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Simba Sleep – the power of three

Sleep-tech firm Simba continues to take major strides to fulfill the three pillars of its ambitious vision – people, planet and health – with the aim of engineering the perfect night’s sleep.

As the world waited for binding climate action at COP27, award-winning sleep-tech firm Simba watched closely, maintaining its form belief that global businesses have a key role to play in driving change by providing consumers with greener, more ethical choices.  

As an integral part of its focus on the planet’s health, Simba is moving towards B Corp status by continuing to challenge and innovate ethical new product development within the sector. 

Simba has also rallied its workforce to tackle carbon emissions in the supply chain. After 100 test products, it arrived at the Simba Green Organic (GO) Mattress, which is currently being rolled out across Canada and the UK. 

The GO mattress has half the carbon footprint of traditional Hybrid mattresses. Simba uses local manufacturing, SEDEX-compliant factories and smart, rolled-in-a-box packaging to slash emissions – while the brand has cut waste sent to landfill by sourcing GRS-recycled, recyclable and toxin-free materials, such as organic and BCI cotton, CertiPur foam and FSC cardboard.

Simba’s sustainable innovations recently received a commendation from the British Retail Consortium (BRC), reflecting the strides the business has taken in reducing its supply chain impact.

 Moving on to the second of Simba’s three ‘pillars’ – people – the brand enjoyed a recent win when it was named the 23rd Best Small Company to work for in Best Companies’ league table, while securing a top-three position in the Best Retail Company category. Simba believes in a nimble, democratic and flexible operating structure for all its staff.  

Finally, when it comes to health, Simba’s ultimate aim is to improve the sleep quality of every one of its customers – and beyond the multiple recorded health benefits of a good night’s sleep, Simba has several tech-focused developments in the pipeline for 2023.

“It’s undeniably a long journey, but Simba is determined to get there as quickly as it can,” states the visionary brand.

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