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Simba’s Hybrid goes greener

Simba says its purpose has always been clear – to use technology and human insight to engineer the perfect’s night sleep, for everyone. But what started as a reinvention of the mattress has grown into a concise range of purposeful, ground-breaking products, an innovative recycling programme and a commitment to evolve using sustainable materials and manufacturing processes …

As part of its ongoing mission to address prevalent sleep and sustainability challenges, Simba has announced upgrades to its award-winning Hybrid mattress range, while simultaneously unveiling its new Simba Summer Hybrid duvet and affordable Simba Stratos pillow.

While preserving the renowned Simba feel that has earned the Hybrid mattress range 50 industry awards, Simba has made enhancements to some of its integral mattress layers, taking intuitive body support and luxurious comfort “to new heights”. 

In addition, the sleep tech firm says it is setting a new standard for both comfort and sustainability, by incorporating eco-friendly features that align with its commitment to a greener future. 

Simba’s new SupportCore base

Innovative, breathable, edge-to-edge support springs are at the heart of 2023’s updated Simba Hybrid, Simba Hybrid Pro and Simba Hybrid Luxe mattresses.

The SupportCore base uses up to 1000 durable springs which work together to provide support right across the mattress, allowing the user to sleep up to the edges with no dipping or rolling, says Simba – effectively increasing the usable sleep surface of the bed. 

Being spring-based, the SupportCore also allows fresh air to circulate through the mattress more freely than foam would, for increased breathability. What is more, being made of high-carbon steel, the SupportCore base is easier to recyclable, while the overall foam content of the mattress has been reduced by up to -68%. 

Titanium Aerocoil spring layer for full body support 

Simba’s patented titanium Aerocoils already provide impressive tailored pressure relief and support, but Simba has now engineered 13 zones of differing resistance which correspond to different parts of the body. This provides the extra cushioning required by the body’s heavier areas such as hips and shoulders, meaning the spine stays ideally aligned, says the sleep tech brand. 

Aerocoils also provide localised support and weight distribution, so movements are absorbed more easily and not passed onto the other side of the bed.

Ingeniously eco-friendly Simba ReGen 

Simba’s new SupportCore base is designed to sit neatly on top of a layer of foam, to give the mattress stability and structure. To prevent reintroducing virgin foam content, Simba has engineered Simba ReGen – created from suitable surplus offcuts – meaning the business is able to help divert foam from landfill, while also providing a sturdy mattress base.

Optional GRS-certified cover 

Simba’s new optional GRS-certified cover is made from recycled yarns and knitted together to help improve airflow through the mattress.

The Global Recycled Standard (GRS) is a voluntary product standard for tracking and verifying the content of recycled materials in a final product. The standard applies to the full supply chain and addresses traceability, environmental principles, social requirements, chemical content, and labelling.

These optional breathable, anti-allergy covers are made from GRS-certified recycled materials. The super-soft, knitted sleep surface (which zips off for easy washing) keeps the mattress fresh and cool – and an inner cover protects the internal layers when the top cover is in the wash. 

Summer Summer Hybrid 4.5-tog duvet takes the heat out of warmer nights 

The Simba Summer Hybrid duvet is a light, 4.5-tog duvet with down-like comfort to aid sleep, without the weight.

Featuring ingenious Stratos cool-touch technology on one side, the fabric is designed to feel instantly cool to the touch, as well as enabling it to react to body temperature, dissipating excess heat to help maintain an ideal temperature throughout the night.

Advanced Stratos pillow 

As part of its mission to make quality restorative sleep more accessible, the new Simba Stratos pillow offers “a premium sleep experience at a budget-friendly price”. This brand-new, next-generation pillow is soft, with cushioned support for the head and neck, while being cool to the touch. 

Airy, lightweight Simba Renew Bio filling

Simba Renew Bio is a new, super-soft, breathable and 100% recycled/biodegradable filler. Made from recycled PET bottle fibres (34 bottles per pillow), this advanced anti-allergenic material offers impressive down-like comfort and quality, and is a renewable resource in its own right. The fibres are gently combed into soft, airy clusters, providing “cloud-like cushioning and optimum breathability” to keep the sleeper’s head cool but comfortable.

What is more, Simba Renew Bio also biodegrades. So, while normal polyester fibres take thousands of years to dissolve, it takes just two years for Simba Renew Bio to vanish in landfill conditions, without a trace.

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