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Simba's Hybrid steps up

Simba is on a mission to develop cutting-edge sleep technology to improve the world’s sleep, constantly innovating to build better sleep tech …

Simba is best known for its unique Hybrid mattress, made with patented titanium Aerocoil microsprings. These smaller, slimmer 25mm springs are placed closer to the surface than they would be in a regular mattress, providing more responsive support.

After selling half a million Hybrid models, Simba has gone on to launch two advanced models that feature additional comfort technology. The Simba Hybrid Pro first introduced the double layering of springs, for extra support and comfort. Launched last year, the Simba Hybrid Luxe went a stage further by introducing a layer of taller 40mm springs towards the base of the mattress, forming a third layer of microspring support.

Expanding the Simba universe beyond mattresses, the range now includes beds, duvets, bedding, Hybrid mattress toppers and protectors. Using the same engineered approach to beds, key innovations include Easy-Fit 10-minute assembly and a brand-new responsive slat system for superior support. 

And that is not all – the Hybrid Firm Pillow is coming soon. The company has taken all of its mattress expertise and applied the same layered construction to offer exceptional head and neck support for the sleeper. Designed to cradle the head with a layer of Aerocoil microsprings, it can be adjusted using different layers within the pillow for the sleeper’s preferred firmness (medium, medium firm or firm) and sleep position. 

The side sleeper option uses three layers, and the back sleeper uses two. The upper side features cooling Stratos technology for optimum temperature control – so there is no need to turn the pillow to find the cold side. 

Ultimately, Simba is committed to helping everyone achieve better sleep. The Simba Sleep app, which is free to download, provides real-time data to help improve users’ sleep experience. By tracking sleep patterns, the app gives the user a much better understanding of their sleep habits.  It also offers tailored sleep courses, as well as sleep sounds and stories designed to help users drift off more easily.

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