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By Furniture News Nov 17, 2022

Simba's refurbished – yet restorative – solution

Award-winning sleep-tech firm Simba is on a mission to make a good night’s sleep more accessible to everyone with its “just like new” refurbished collection, made with sustainability in mind and real sleepers at heart …

Aiming to be the most responsible sleep-tech company in the world and achieve net-zero carbon emissions by 2030, Simba’s mattresses are not only 100% recyclable, but reflect one of the brand’s key ambitions – that no Simba mattress ever goes to landfill. And the refurbished collection helps to achieve just that. 

So, how does the process work? Basically, states the brand, it is the same Simba experience, but for a fraction of the price. When a customer returns a mattress, Simba works with The Furniture Recycling Group (TFR Group), where a team of skilled assessors complete an extensive 32-question survey. 

This examination involves testing the quality and function of every component and layer – inside and out – from the titanium Aerocoil springs to the Simbatex foam, right down to the stitching. Components that fail the inspection are replaced with genuine Simba parts.

Arriving conveniently rolled in a box, like all Simba mattresses, Simba’s refurbished mattresses promise to feel brand new. 

Emma Reid, Simba’s head of sustainability, explains: “Each layer of the mattress goes through a hospital-grade sanitisation chamber. Every single part is deep cleaned, washed for 45 minutes using NHS-standard detergent, sanitised and thoroughly dried to the point it’s pristine and squeaky clean.”

After this, mattresses are passed through a second round of inspection and quality control before getting the green light to be resold to customers. 

The refurbished collection is another step in Simba’s strategy to become more circular by reducing waste and extending the life of returned products.

“Better for the planet – and your wallet”, Simba’s refurbished collection can be found here.

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