19 July 2024, 07:14
By Furniture News Jul 07, 2023

Tempur unveils "milestone" product range

Last night, Tempur UK unveiled a new range of mattresses, pillows and bedframes during a launch event for retail partners at The Science Museum, London.

Due for roll out in stores from February 2024, Tempur says the launch marks the biggest product innovation in its signature range in eight years, and builds on years of research into the latest trends in sleep hygiene and sleep issues.

The brand says its new Tempur Pro SmartCool mattress and pillow range offers "best-ever pressure relief and distributes body weight more evenly and effectively, leading to a feeling of near weightlessness and further supporting the entire body throughout the night, aiding muscle recovery and mitigating joint pain".

All new products now benefit from Tempur's SmartCool cool-to-the-touch cover.

The reveal also included a collection of customisable bed frames, developed with design agency, Studio Stockholm, and a smart bed base with integrated AI sensors which detect micro-vibrations generated by snoring, and gently raise the sleeper’s upper body to open airways in response.

Tobin James, Tempur UK’s MD, says: “As the world’s largest bedding company, over the past 30 years we have built our company on making fantastic products that consumers love.

“Our team has poured decades of research – from our roots in space technology to working with leading universities, hospitals, elite athletes and sleep experts – into creating innovative products with powerful capabilities that go far beyond those of traditional beds or mattresses and have the power to truly transform the way we sleep.

“This launch is a milestone moment in our history and marks an important advancement in our mission to improve the sleep of more people every night, all around the world.”

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