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By Cosywood (sponsored) Jul 13, 2022

What are the advantages of live-edge tables?

Thanks to their natural charm, and the ever-evolving manufacturing prowess behind them, live-edge dining tables are growing in popularity. Here, fine furniture specialist Cosywood explains just why live-edge tables are the ideal fit for so many homes …

"Live-edge dining tables are produced using logs, so have all the regular excellence of wood," states Cosywood. "Additionally, they're frequently extremely creative in a plan. At the point when you purchase a live-edge table, you're purchasing something that won't ever be imitated from now onward, on the grounds that there's just a single one in existence.

"Live-edge tables are not simply gorgeous, they're likewise extremely practical. At the point when you have a live-edge table in your house, it's a consistent update that you're residing in reality. There is no ideal wood, and there is no ideal household item. That is the very thing that makes live-edge tables so unique.

"Live-edge tables are extremely adaptable, and you can use them for the vast majority of purposes. They can arrive on a type of a footstool or a side table. You can likewise employ them in a nightstand.

"These tables are extremely famous in light of the fact that they can come in various finishes. At the point when you purchase live-edge furniture, you get the chance to browse a great many finishes. You may be keen on a light finish, or you could favour dull wood.

"Notwithstanding the range of finishes, live-edge tables come in various shapes. They are the ideal centrepiece for any inside plan, and will presumably be a discussion point of each and every get-together!

"On the off-chance that you love rural or modern energy, these tables are an ideal fit for you. They welcome nature and provincial appeal into each space.

"What's more, since we are energetic adherents of a biophilic plan, we think live-edge tables are the ideal approach to reconnect with nature from the solace of our own homes and workplaces."

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