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By Furniture News May 24, 2022

World Furniture serves up sintered stone

It was a long time coming, but January Furniture Show saw World Furniture deliver innovative new lines to the marketplace, and in style. Despite the pandemic and the challenges it has brought, the business continues to grow, and MD Marc Bunting says he’s looking forward to this year more than any other …

World Furniture is entering its 23rd year of business, and remains one of Ireland’s leading wholesalers, delivering throughout the UK and Ireland, alongside a growing direct container programme to many countries across the globe.

This year’s NEC event saw World Furniture present a significant number of new ranges in sintered stone. Having gained a formidable reputation for gloss/glass and melamine dining ranges in attractive textures and colours, this development is a natural progression for a company that considers its products innovative, of exceptional quality and price sensitive.

Essentially, sintered stones are the next generation on from quartz tops – further perfecting the blend of man-made processes and natural minerals to create a surface which is more resistant to chemicals, abrasion, scratching, impact and thermal shock. 

Sintered stone is full of benefits which make it one of the most suitable materials available for dining tables and other home products, says World Furniture. Its benefits include: resistant to scratching; resistant to UV rays; resistant to high temperatures; waterproof; and recyclable, and 100% natural. These attributes are beneficial to both retailers and end-consumers, and the range of natural finishes – such as kass gold, vilas grey, and Italy white – make for eye-catching pieces of furniture. There are 12 new designs and 24 different colour and size options.

To run alongside such a significant launch of dining tables, World Furniture has developed an extensive range of chairs in an array of designs and colours. The emphasis this year is very much on textures and colours, says Marc Bunting: “Our focus for 2022 has been firmly on design for our sintered stone ranges. 

“In order to complement our tables, we felt that colour and texture in fabrics need to be at the forefront. We see a willingness from our customers to get more colour into their floorspace – not just for show, but because consumers are asking for it.”

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