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By Furniture News May 20, 2022

Yataş invests in Lectra solutions to optimise cutting room

Yataş Group, one of the leading companies in the furniture and mattress industry, boasting more than 1400 employees and over 400 sales points, has chosen the new-generation Lectra Vector cutting system for cutting room optimisation.

With this investment, Yataş aims to increase its cutting quality and efficiency, while optimising its operations for the millions of mattresses, sofas and home textiles it produces each year.

Nuri Öztaşkın, CEO of Yataş Group, recognises that the Industry 4.0 transformation is accelerating day by day, in order to provide high standards and fast delivery in the industry.

“Our collections stand out, with their stylish design, quality and comfort, and for this reason, they are the preferred choice of consumers," he says. "Yataş Group has decided to invest in a smart industrial transformation that will increase the speed and efficiency of our production line and reduce fabric waste, in order to raise our standards even more.

"For this reason, we have chosen Lectra for our smart industry investments, entering into a solution partnership with the only brand in the world working with digital technologies in the cutting of industrial textile products. This new-generation technology, which provides more precise and faster cutting, is a huge advantage. We have not only cut costs, but also aimed to improve the flow of operations and increase production capacity by maintaining the number of existing employees. By choosing Lectra, we increased our cutting room efficiency by +30%."

Zeynep Uluocak, MD, Turkey and Middle East at Lectra, adds: “Industrial transformation is increasingly more important in our industries, where costs are increasing day by day and profitable growth is harder to achieve. Post-pandemic developments in particular have made it no longer a choice, but almost a necessity, to invest in technologies that process materials without error and waste, minimise energy consumption, and measure efficiency in real time, in order to minimise the production costs of industries worldwide.

"As you know, fabrics make up 60% of sofa production costs, especially in this period where costs have increased due to the increase in exchange rates and transportation. It makes a huge difference to be able to reduce the consumption of fabric metres.

"The biggest advantage Lectra offers this sector is the opportunity to save up to 5% in fabric consumption, with optimum placement of patterns and cutting technology with zero share in the cutting of fabrics. This yields significant cost-saving results. In addition, Lectra not only provides a solution that greatly improves delivery times, thanks to its ability to cut +40% faster than competitive technologies, but also contributes significantly to productivity by avoiding human error and significantly reducing waste.

"The main reason why furniture brands across the world and in Turkey prefer Lectra cutting room solutions are production cost savings, fabric savings and energy consumption reductions, as well as error-free production and improved delivery times thanks to the right cutting quality, speed and efficiency. Fast delivery of upholstered furniture is the biggest competitive advantage in the industry today.

"Yataş Group is a brand that strengthens its market leadership in every aspect with its investments in technology. Lectra, providing advanced solutions, high standards and fast delivery infrastructure in the cutting room, has further strengthened its leading position by investing in Industry 4.0 technologies. As a solution partner, we are proud of the contribution we have made to Yataş’ journey."

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