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By Furniture News Jan 02, 2019

Artisan Furniture thinks big in 2019

A British company based in London, Artisan Furniture draws on in its own factory in Jaipur, India, to manufacture a broad range of high-quality furniture.

When the company's founder, Amit Basu, recognised a niche in the market to empower troubled retailers by supplying them with handmade furniture, we set about developing a range of bespoke options for customers looking for greater differentiation – from size, design and style to wood finish, paint and fabric, Artisan's lines can be customised to suit. 

Every Artisan Furniture piece is handmade, and sourcing is carried out directly from its own manufacturing facilities and craftsmen – but this base is growing fast. As well as the establishment of new fulfilment centres in Kassel, Germany, by late 2019, the company plans to add further factories in China, Indonesia and Vietnam to its supply chain – as well as scaling up its nascent New Jersey operations to create a delivery mechanism that covers North America, Canada, Germany and the UK.

Artisan Furniture's dedicated team regularly visits international trade shows in search of trend and style inspiration, and these ideas are shared with the factory to create prototypes which are then converted into commercial products – these are then delivered straight to the end consumer's doorstep. In short, Artisan Furniture is able to offer a hassle-free online sourcing module that directly links factories with retailers. In addition, over the past few months Artisan has developed a solid proof packaging method which is 100% mail order compliant, followed by a stringent drop test (covering all angles from a height of 1m) to ensure every product is safely delivered – and the result is an impressive damage rate of less than 3%.

Artisan Furniture is thinking big as it enters a new year full of possibility, and its team hopes retailers of all shapes and sizes will join it for what promises to be an impressive journey.

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