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Bright ideas from H Living

The creative cogs are always turning at Huddersfield manufacturer/importer H Living, where R&D is integral to the supplier’s output, bringing fresh ideas to a wide range of bedframes and mattresses …

“What’s out there in the marketplace? What’s performing well? And how can we get ahead of the curve?”

H Living’s MD, Biny Hyder, has long recognised the importance of innovation, and the brand’s models reflect his hunger for newness. This impetus can take the form of incorporated technology (headboard and under-bed LED lighting, built-in USB sockets, or electric ottoman risers, for example), sustainable directions (such as fabrics that are 100% recycled, or make use of ocean-bound plastic waste), or a plethora of other stimuli. 

“We’re always looking at and developing new designs,” says Biny. “At H Living, we believe that staying still is the same as moving backwards.”

The bulk of H Living’s offer is upholstered – bed bases, headboards and bed frames – and its models are available in hundreds of fabrics, and thousands of colours. Newness can be seen across the supplier’s portfolio – from bedframes incorporating new designs, high-quality materials and new fabrics, to mattresses, which might employ new natural fillings or different materials, or be manufactured in increasingly efficient ways.

By night, LED lighting and built-in USB sockets help H Living’s Buckingham ottoman model truly come alive 

Ongoing investment in machinery means H Living is rarely unable to pursue its creative ambitions for long. Biny reveals that he is currently exploring further natural directions (augmenting the brand’s higher-end mattress line, The Natural Collection), new underbed adjustable movement mechanisms, and a collection of products suitable for children. 

“We find inspiration in all kinds of places,” says Biny, “and travelling remains a great source of fresh ideas. Visiting trade shows, and learning from the designers and installers working in the commercial sectors we cover, really helps open the doors – but fundamentally it’s about knowing the customer.”

H Living’s umbrella encompasses several brands: Hyder Living; Easy Sofa; The Natural Collection; contract and healthcare divisions; and a bespoke offer. The business is ISO accredited and NBF audited, and has been a zero-to landfill operation for four years – with a pledge to hit net zero emissions by 2030. 

Pictured: H Living’s Buckingham ottoman

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