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By Furniture News Dec 19, 2023

CGI helps Simba stand out

Simba has embraced CGI in its new TV ad, which strives to deliver an immersive journey through the features and benefits of its Hybrid mattress. 

“While it’s easy to experience the layers of comfort-driven, sustainable tech that goes into every Simba mattress in real life, it’s more challenging to engagingly convey the soothing cloud-like sensation on screen,” states the sleep specialist.

To bring its bestselling, award-winning mattresses to life, Simba often uses CGI and video across its social channels, website and advertising, to highlight the benefits of its engineered construction and the technology that goes into every mattress.  

In its latest TV campaign, the brand used CGI, inspired by the likes of Apple, which has used such technology to showcase its products in a way traditional film simply would not be able to. This distinctive approach showcases how Simba can differentiate itself from traditional mattress brands – by embracing a tech-focused strategy, allowing it to stand out through its innovative and forward-thinking techniques. 

“Months of R&D went into planning the shoot, which incorporated the best techniques to bring the vision to life,” says Simba. “Motion-controlled robots were used for precise camera movement, to allow seamless integration of CGI and real footage with otherwise unworkable camera movement.”

The film deconstructs a real Simba mattress, modelling every detail in CGI so it matches the real Hybrid Luxe mattress as closely as possible. Diving between the rows of coils, the Simbatex foam layer is cleverly depicted as thousands of tiny bubbles, while the patented titanium alloy Aerocoil springs are experienced up close. 

The brand says the end result is the perfect showcase of the Simba Hybrid mattress, with CGI adding a fluency and engaging quality, blending with atmospheric music courtesy of Lo & Novum, and their track Dreaming, which evokes a calming and inspiring atmosphere conducive to restful sleep, complementing a visually impressive campaign.

Jon Moore, marketing and ecommerce director at Simba, says: “We wanted to create a compelling demonstration of our product features and benefits that the viewer can easily understand and engage with. It’s hard to achieve such a result with live-action footage, so we used cutting-edge CGI to produce a great outcome. We also wanted to create a memorable soundtrack that people will instantly recognise and would give us additional cut-through.”

The results can be seen on the Escapism sponsorship on Channel 4 and Drama channels, and Evenings sponsorship on Channel 5. The TV commercial will air across UK channels and online.

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