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By Furniture News Feb 20, 2020

Cintique's modern family

British manufacturer Cintique has increased its offer with a new collection designed for those wishing to complement stylish, modern living environments. 

The new range took several months to develop ahead of its 2020 launch, and Cintique is pleased with stockists’ response to date. 

Indeed, industry and customer feedback heavily influenced the design and sit of each piece, ensuring the final product is suitable for its intended market and that the choices presented accommodate individual tastes. 

The range was created at Cintique’s Nottinghamshire site, which encourages waste reduction and uses clean energy as its main power source. Cintique now benefits from modern technology, enabling new designs to be more rapidly production-ready for market, plus shorter delivery lead times for customers. 

Additional benefits include the premium standard of work from Cintique’s skilled upholsterers, and the clever inclusion of traditional methods used to create the quality of show-wood furniture expected from the brand. 

Each piece of Cintique furniture – from both the current range and the new 2020 line – come with a reassuring lifetime frame-and-spring guarantee. All furniture is manufactured to order and is available in a choice of fabrics, and selected models can be dispatched to stores within just four weeks. 

MD Wayne Hollis has worked in the upholstery industry for over 30 years, and is keen to introduce new design development technologies to move the Cintique brand forward, while maintaining the tradition of British-manufactured show-wood furniture without compromising on design or quality.

Pictured: Mayfair, part of the new range, which was highly commended by the judges in The Furniture Awards this year

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