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By Furniture News Jan 14, 2021

Coach House stays true to its values

2020 may have been the most challenging year in Coach House’s history, but it was also one of the most rewarding, reveals Faye Bovingdon-Bryant, sales director at one-stop supplier, Coach House …

“We feel fortunate that our customers represent some of the bravest and most innovative businesses in the industry,” says Faye, reflecting on a year which tested the entire industry’s mettle, yet saw many businesses emerge stronger for the experience.

“If 2020 taught us anything, it was an even greater appreciation of them and our suppliers, as both have proved that they could be relied upon to withstand the demands facing them.”

When the pandemic struck, Faye says the business recognised right away that it would have to adapt in order to keep up with shifting demand and operate responsibly for its staff and customers. 

“We are very lucky to have huge showrooms in Lancashire,” she explains, “and we took the opportunity to refurbish them, as well as our reception, so that when we reopened in June, we could inspire our clients with exciting new visual displays and product. 

“After all, having spent the best part of three months at home, we all needed something beautiful to rejuvenate ourselves!”

However, says Faye, the takeaway from these experiences is not all about what the company did, but also what it did not do – steadfastly refusing to buckle under the pressure and comprimise its long-held values.

Says Faye: “We did not supply the general public, we did not cancel orders with suppliers, and we did not lose sight of who we are – a family business at heart, with deep roots in independent and pioneering retail and interior design. With these values at our centre, we were able to evolve whilst remaining steadfastly dedicated to our customer base.”

As international travel is currently off-limits and trade shows are cancelled, Faye explains that the company continues to evolve, the design team and directors busy conjuring up new designs as samples arrive weekly from Coach House’s suppliers. 

“Having had no orders cancelled in 2020, our suppliers are enthusiastically meeting this demand, working closely with us on new designs and on keeping stocks high for 2021. Cheers to that!”

Discover Coach House’s latest product offer on the company’s website, or via Instagram (follow @coachhouseuk).

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