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By Sponsored Nov 21, 2017

Due – giving wood a new lease of life

Polish company Due designs and manufactures – by hand, where possible – stylish furniture from barrels and used wood.

It specialises in furniture made from old oak wine barrels, giving the wood a new lease of life in the form of tables, storage units, chairs and more. Just as the oak barrels once lent their contents smoothness and class, the character of the wood brings Due's original furniture to life.

The wood used has its own history, as it is sourced from the old barns, houses and churches of Galicia in south-eastern Poland and western Ukraine.

Contemporary trends in interior design – in which rustic, vintage elements are combined with modern styles – have inspired a characterful and eclectic collection that combines this reclaimed wood with materials including solid rock and glass. Provencal – and even some Scandinavian – touches are also present.

Due is seeking UK stockists today – visit the company's website to find out more.

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