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Emma's Selection criteria

“Your day is only as good as the night before,” states Emma – The Sleep Company, which has put various wheels in motion to deliver optimised sleep solutions, earning itself numerous product awards along the way – including the latest Which? Best Buy accolade for its new Emma Smart Hybrid. Its latest development is Emma Select, a new retail range tailored to meet the needs of different audiences …

Technology is at the heart of this fast-growing company. Emma’s R&D team employs a wide range of skills to innovate within the field of sleep – its test laboratory houses a sleep research team led by neurobiologist Dr Verena Senn, which constantly challenges the status quo in search of new sleep solutions, drawing on a unique combination of backgrounds, skills and specialisations to deliver award-winning products (more than 40 accolades worldwide to date). 

The newly launched Emma Select range truly expresses the brand’s progressive expertise. It consists of three collections, each available in two levels of comfort, while a concise design concept ensures that the assortment is easy to understand, enabling clear and efficient shopfloor presentations.

Emma offers a 100-night, risk-free trial, as well as a dropship service for its customers. Consequently, there is no need to plan orders ahead or await delivery, nor to reserve valuable warehouse space – which is not only cost effective, but also offers a persuasive selling point for the end-customer. 

The Emma Select range has been specifically designed to meet the needs of offline customers, combining sleep technologies for each sleeper type. 

Emma Diamond ensures optimal temperature regulation, with Emma’s Diamond Degree technology. The graphite coating removes excess heat quickly and continuously, and helps deliver up to +10% more deep sleep during the night, states Emma. 

Emma Helix, meanwhile, combines pressure relief at every point of the mattress, offering effective body support plus airflow channels for a healthy sleep environment – while Emma Smart prioritises optimal body support, through a combination of Aquagel and HRX foam, with a sandwich core for dynamic body adaptation. 

“We offer our retail partners everything they need to give Emma a strong in-store presence, including printed and digital assets,” says Neil Robinson, sales director, retail, for Emma – The Sleep Company in the UK and Ireland. “At the same time, we generate widespread brand awareness which helps drive customers into their stores. It’s a win-win situation.”  

Pictured: Emma Diamond prioritises temperature regulation

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