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By Furniture News Mar 22, 2021

Flexible friends – Minerva Furniture Group

Minerva Furniture Group was founded in 1990, and today works with a growing retail membership in addition to a worldwide supplier base, explains group business manager, Roy Beagent.

“Minerva Furniture Group operates from offices in Corsham, Wiltshire, and works with over 100 carefully selected suppliers – from all furniture trade sectors – to source and agree terms on commercial and varied product,” says Roy. “Importantly, members are not obliged to buy from the approved supplier portfolio, and there is no central buying.”

These suppliers are invited to present their ranges at exhibitions organised by the group each spring and autumn. 

“The Minerva team, which includes a board of directors elected by the membership, also visit various trade shows, both at home and abroad,” Roy adds. “New product and trends are key objectives, and are constantly reviewed, and our activities also include a marketing presence at major UK exhibitions.”

Minerva’s membership now exceeds 230 independent retail outlets, and belonging to the organisation offers numerous benefits, says Roy: “A rebate scheme is in operation, and makes the competitive membership fee extremely worthwhile. Member networking proves extremely useful, and gives the advantage of information sharing, while a container-sharing breakdown service is also available with a limited number of manufacturers, giving an opportunity for increased margin.”

Product research carried out by Minerva’s team is communicated to members on a regular basis, together with general trade news, ensuring members remain well-informed. 

There are numerous reasons to be part of a buying group, says Roy – and even moreso given last year’s turmoil. “It’s probably more important than ever to consider joining Minerva,” he says. “A professional and knowledgeable team are always on hand to offer guidance where possible with trade issues – yet members retain the ability to operate independently, which is important to many of them.”

To find out more, visit Minerva’s website or call 01249 716195.

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