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Forte forever

Forte is one of Europe’s largest producers of self-assembly furniture. Founded 30 years ago – and making its debut on the Warsaw Stock Exchange in 1996 – the Polish powerhouse operates from four modern furniture production plants, plus its own chipboard factory, Tanne. 

Forte’s wide and diverse product offer includes furniture for dining, living and children’s rooms, plus bedrooms, halls and offices. It comprises whole collections, alongside complementary pieces, and nearly 600 new designs are introduced each year. Forte’s furniture is sold in over 45 countries, and is available in almost every major European retail chain.

Sustainable development is a priority for Forte, which puts achieving the highest product quality on an equal footing with care for the natural environment, and ethical and employee issues. In all aspects of its activity, Forte says it is guided by “the universal values of responsibility, co-operation, sensitivity and development”.

Chip and win

One factor that increases a company’s control and the stability of its production processes – and therefore impact on the environment – is vertical integration. With this in mind, in 2018 the Forte Group opened its own chipboard factory, which completely fulfils the company’s demand for this basic raw material used across its furniture production.

Forte says that its chipboard factory in Suwalki is one of Europe’s most modern furniture industry investments in recent years, both in terms of high product quality and the environmental solutions applied. This fully automated factory uses intelligent robots, innovative technologies and systems, and implements environmentally friendly solutions. The chipboard produced there is characterised by low formaldehyde emissions, meeting the requirements of the European and American markets.

Since 2018, Tanne has been certified as California Air Resources Board (CARBII) compliant for the wood-based chipboard it produces – and it also certifies the compliance of formaldehyde emissions against that body’s strict standards.

Lab leader

The Tanne facility boasts its own laboratory, where Forte tests and studies its products to ensure they meet the highest quality standards. In January, the lab was approved by the Polish Center for Accreditation for testing formaldehyde emissions using the PN EN 717-1: 2006 method – a formal, state-endorsed confirmation of the high quality of services and competence of the Tanne team, which also gives it the opportunity to conduct accredited tests of wood-based products from outside the Forte Group. Forte says that Tanne is the first company in the wood-based products industry to achieve this accreditation.

Closed circuit

Knowing how valuable natural resources are and how important it is to use them properly, the Forte Group implements solutions in its factories in line with the circular economy concept.

In February, Tanne started to implement a closed woodwaste (the basic leftovers from production processes) circulation system project. Since then, Forte’s chipboard production processes have relied heavily on recycled materials. This means that Forte not only uses wood, but also production residues from sawmills and woodwaste from the production of furniture or damaged pallets. By 2025, 100% of the woodwaste generated by the Forte Group is set to be used within this closed circuit.

For more information on Forte, its offer and products, visit its website or email [email protected].

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