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Furdeco – reputation, delivered

Furdeco Home Delivery was set up after its founders identified a disconnect between traditional furniture home delivery companies and personalised, customer-orientated service – surely, they reasoned, the sector required a higher level of service, that simply could not be provided by the existing multi-user, multi-networked providers?

Furdeco (Furniture Delivery Company) operate unlike other two-person home delivery providers, which tend to utilise hub-and-spoke networks. Operating from one centralised location in the West Midlands, Furdeco ensures its clients‘ products experience minimal touchpoints – an approach that mean a dramatic reduction in damages and lesser returns, and a happier end-customer.  

Over the past few years, Furdeco has gone through an impressive expansion, which has seen it invest in new eco-friendly offices and warehouses to accommodate its organic growth and extended client base.  

Although the business may have outgrown its previous premises, this has been retained to be utilised as its own returns and recycling hub, where Furdeco’s Reverse Logistics teams can provide an improved returns and recycling process.

The one-site location also provides Furdeco with the ability to recruit its own in-house delivery teams, who receive extensive one-to-one training through the company’s on-site Driver Training Academy. Furdeco understands that the final-metre delivery is the most important part of the customer journey, and its two-person crews are often the first and only faces the end-consumer sees. Consequently, its delivery teams have the skills and knowledge to provide a high-level customer experience, which is evidenced via an ’excellent‘ rating on Trustpilot, where Furdeco has accumulated over 28,000 reviews.

Furdeco prides itself on its communications with the end consumer – its pre-notifications ensure over 98% of deliveries are completed on time in full. Furdeco shares the same level of commitment as its clients – customers like to stay in the know, and receive regular updates on their delivery status, while Furdeco goes above and beyond to fulfil this important part of the customer journey.

Boasting one-to-one in-house account management, and the integration of new delivery management software this spring to optimise and exceed client and customer expectations, it is little wonder Furdeco is the two-person home delivery provider of choice for a growing number of furniture businesses.

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