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By Sponsored Jul 06, 2018

Glide away with Impex Furniture

Impex Furniture specialises in upholstered armchairs, rocking chairs, gliders and related products.  

According to the company, rocking chairs are now considered a ‘must have’ in many households – particularly for those needing to relax after a long day’s work, and mothers trying to rock their babies to sleep.

Adhering to a philosophy of comfort and warmth, Impex Furniture strives to offer its customers superior quality models, all made from high quality materials, and backed up by strong services.

Its models benefit from: natural wooden frames and high quality components; reliable swing mechanisms; and a broad selection of colours and textures. Available quickly through large stocks, at competitive prices (and in demand all-year round), Impex Furniture’s offering would suit any retailer looking to broaden their offer and maximise floorspace returns – anyone interested in being one of the first to bring this unique collection of innovative armchairs and gliders to the UK market should contact the company to find out more.

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