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By Furniture News Apr 25, 2017

Hästens facilitates healthy sleep

Hästens is a premium Swedish manufacturer specialising in handcrafted all-natural beds of unmatched quality. Founded by Pehr Adolf Janson in 1852, Hästens is a sixth generation family-owned business, still based in the small Swedish town of Koping. Hästens is proud to be not only the oldest bed manufacturer in Sweden, but also Purveyor to the Royal Swedish Court since 1952. Wholesale manager for UK and Ireland, Oliver Bowen, provides further insight into the business. 

What does Hästens offer?

Our product offering consists of an extensive collection of divan beds, frame beds and adjustable beds, as well as a variety of headboards, down products, bed linen and personal accessories – thus making it possible for our clients to mix and match and create their perfect sleeping environment. 

In addition, since all our beds are made to order, our clients can customize their chosen model according to their particular requirements in terms of size, tension, colour and special features.

What is the inspiration behind the company?

What has always driven Hästens is the passion for sleep and the benefits it brings to the body and mind. Our vision is to raise awareness about the importance sleep has as part of a healthy lifestyle; in short, to make the world better through sleep.

What sets Hästens apart?

We are in a very niche position in the market. We provide sustainable products which meet the expectations of the most demanding clientele. Despite the fast-paced world we live in, we are still committed to creating our beds by hand, using carefully sourced materials, ensuring the utmost quality and attention to detail.

Our entire design philosophy revolves around our craftsmen - they are at the heart of everything we make, and they use traditional techniques that have been handed down from generation to generation in the last 165 years.

What are the company’s aims?

What we aim to provide our customers with is the ultimate sleep environment, one custom-made to suit particular requirements, with no harmful chemicals used, and no static electricity or trapped moisture, thus allowing for proper rest so that the body and brain can perform better during the day. 

Tell us about Hästens’ recent developments

There is always something happening at Hästens. We rely heavily on our innovative spirit, and we constantly develop - not just new products and ranges, but also ways to improve our existing beds and accessories. One example of that last year was the way we further explored and consequently relaunched our most exclusive product – the Vividus. For this year we have other surprises in store!

How does the company address the needs of a changing market? 

We are increasingly flexible in our approach towards customers and markets. Our communication has evolved, as has our store concept, while our very products have a bespoke quality. All the while never compromising on our core values and philosophy.

What trends are Hästens currently experiencing?

We are in the position to be pioneers and promoters of a healthy lifestyle through sleep. The commitment to use only natural materials in creating our beds is a testament to that. Our numerous certifications prove our care for the environment and for conscientious sourcing. 

All these elements meet the expectations of the current customer, who is far better informed than ever before; who is interested in and responsive to the way the goods on the market are being produced; who is actively pursuing a better quality lifestyle usually through healthy diets and exercise.  

What challenges are Hästens facing right now?

While the UK is still an emerging market for us, we see that as more of an opportunity rather than a challenge – an opportunity to increase our brand awareness and further solidify our presence in the near term. 

What are the company’s future plans?

It is an exciting time for Hästens as the company is in process of further expansion throughout its existing territories. We look forward to welcoming new partners into our growing family. 

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