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By Furniture News Nov 03, 2015

Heritage Furniture enters a new phase

Fresh from launching its biggest oak collection yet – Earlswood Oak – Heritage Furniture is readying itself for the January Furniture Show, at which it plans to unveil a fresh new identity and meet customers’ demand for unique product. Furniture News quizzes MD Saeed Mohmed on the company’s new direction …

Why is Heritage due for a change?

January 2016 is our 10th anniversary, so we decided the time was right to look at every aspect of our business – to rearrange our current offer and launch a new product portfolio. We’ve earned an enviable reputation over the past 10 years and want to build on that but keep moving forward so we stay relevant to our customers’ needs and changing trends.

We’re making changes, but we’re not changing for change’s sake – our customers will benefit from being able to offer greater choice and greater value to their customers. No business can stand still – it has to move with the times. What was popular five years ago can easily be out of favour today, and any business that does not adapt and evolve is doomed to fail.

Which aspects are set to evolve?

The company will have a new look with fresh branding, and beautifully-produced brochures with new photography of all current and new ranges. Customers will also be able to create their own branding on PoS materials, and additional PoS will be available on all ranges.

Most importantly, we will introduce fresh, unique ranges with a wider choice of items, and unveil a simpler and more competitive pricing structure, with quicker service and home delivery options.

Retailers will be offered exclusivity on ranges to enable them to offer something different – we aim to work with them as partners to ensure we are meeting their specific needs, and develop mutually-beneficial long-term relationships.

We are also in the process of updating our website – customers  will be able place orders online, which will be linked to our back-end system where the orders will be processed instantly. The new site will feature more information on products, pricing and availability, and customers will be able to download brochures and images.

Why is it so important to offer something different?

Flick through most furniture wholesalers’ brochures and you’ll see the same ranges with similar finishes, all presented in the same way. We want to stand out and offer something different, so that when you see our name you’ll know there’s something new and exciting to discover.

The launch of the Earlswood Oak range has proven very successful – with 38 pieces in the range, at a fantastic price point, it’s now one of the largest oak ranges in the UK. All customers stocking Earlswood have exclusivity in their territory – customers have seen a growth in sales and profitability.

How are you going about developing unique product?

We have joined forces with a new designer who has been out on the furniture front line for us, talking to customers, researching trends, analysing our competitors and helping us plan for the future. Extensive market research has given us an insight into what people want, and we’ve been working hard to deliver on our findings.

Is your operation set to change significantly?

Not everything is changing. Our commitment to outstanding customer service will remain, as will our insistence on offering the best quality and value possible – and we will continue to listen to our customers, because our future success depends on theirs.

We founded Heritage Furniture back in 2006 with the aim of sourcing and supplying high-quality wooden furniture, and we’ve never wavered from that initial ambition. We’ve worked hard to establish strong links with the best manufacturers worldwide and offer furniture for the home that is as beautiful as it is practical.

From the very beginning, we’ve developed our own furniture from the design stage through to the finished product, and it’s something that’s always set us apart, and will continue to do so.

When will the trade find out more?

We aim to start next year with a bang. By the time the 2016 January Furniture Show comes around, all our hard work over the course of this year – new designs, pricing and branding – will come to fruition.

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