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Italian brands put service first

Sister brands Incanto Italia and Digio’ Leather by Sofitalia made their IFHS debut this year, giving Mario Sforza another opportunity to reinforce the product and service proposition on offer … 

What do you offer?

Digio’ Leather by Sofitalia and Incanto Italia offer products that are 100% made in Italy, with coverings in full leather and fabric. We offer more than 150 leather colours in various grades, and 200 fabric colours, to satisfy the needs of both retailer and end-customer. 

How successful was IFHS?

IFHS was a first for us, but we opened new accounts there. We also showed at the January Furniture Show and June’s INDX Furniture – both of which proved very successful.

Since January, we’ve enjoyed great success, presenting our collection dedicated to the UK market. Across the board, the visitors really appreciated our collection – and I think IFHS was a good way to really open the doors to the Irish market.

How did it feel to win the Best Overall Product of the Show at IFHS? 

It was a confirmation for us that both brands have a very bright future on the UK and Irish markets. Every day, new customers are coming to us, and those who’ve been working with us for years continue to grow their business with us. 

What made Klee a winner? 

What’s unique about this product is its simplicity and elegance. We’re very careful with the details, as we believe they make a huge difference – for Klee, these include the metal legs in the right colour, and the cover in the right leather and colour. The stitches are not simple, but special ones that emphasise the model’s style. Last, but not least, Klee is characterised by its incredible comfort. 

The award-winning Klee

Do your new models respond to any particular consumer demands/trends? 

What’s important about our products is that our design is timeless, and never goes out of fashion. At the same time, we always remember that the design needs to be accompanied by high backrests, great comfort, and the right proportions – this is the recipe for success. 

How has your service offer/operation evolved to meet fresh demand? 

We’ve emphasised to retailers that we do not only sell a product, but a service – and this has been key to our success. From our point of view, the UK and Irish markets have changed in the last few years, and are more based on service than product – which is why, just in case, we keep 80% of our spare parts in stock and ship them within 24 hours of the customer’s request. 

The most important recent development was putting no-sag springs in the seats of all our models. We’ve also upgraded the foam, from 30kg to 35kg. These changes ensure that there are no issues with sagging. Regarding the materials used in production, we’re continuously researching new solutions through our R&D lab. 

What’s next in the company’s calendar?

Every day, we’re active within our markets in person, and each month customers are given an opportunity to visit our factory in the south of Italy. 

Our next events will be January Furniture Show and INDX Furniture (also in January) – followed by next year’s Manchester Furniture Show in July. Outside the UK, we’ll be at High Point this autumn, next spring and the following autumn, and at Milan’s Salone del Mobile next year.

Pictured: Mario (left) and his brother Giovanni (right) receiving the Best Overall Product of the Show award, for Klee, from show organiser Mark Gannon

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