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By Furniture News Jul 12, 2023

Living for tomorrow

Huddersfield-based H Living, and the myriad brands available from the manufacturer/importer, keeps a keen eye on its sustainable credentials, and is continually looking for new ways to ensure its operations and products are cleaner and greener, says MD Biny Hyder …

The H Living umbrella encompasses several brands: Hyder Living; Easy Sofa; The Natural Collection; contract and healthcare divisions; and a bespoke offer.

H Living’s offer is principally upholstered – bed bases, headboards and bed frames – and eco-friendly innovation can be seen across its lines. As well as employing biodegradable polyester stretch fabric on some models, the business ensures waste materials, such as cut-outs, are sent back to its suppliers for recycling.

Within its mattress offer, The Natural Collection, the manufacturer employs natural fillings such as cotton layers (for added comfort), horsehair, luxury viscose, and wool insulator pads, while-hand-stitched natural borders help hold everything together.

The business is ISO accredited and NBF audited, and has been a zero-to landfill operation for four years – with a pledge (and a firm plan) to hit net zero emissions by 2030, and to increasingly employ recycled materials. A strategy to introduce new mattresses with innovative natural and recycled fillings is well under way, says Biny, who adds that the business even launched the market’s first vegan mattress, long before that movement hit the mainstream. 

Production processes are increasingly energy efficient, while H Living’s carbon footprint has significant reductions – accelerated by Biny’s decision to outsource the company’s logistical operations to external partners, meaning fewer wasted journeys. 

Sustainable practices go hand in hand with an ethical approach to business, and H Living strives to give more to its staff and local community by donating products to those in need, while regularly helping top up the local food banks.

With a customer base comprising nationals, independents and carefully selected ecommerce sellers, H Living boasts a unique blend of import capacity and local manufacturing. Its part-owned factory in China ensures a ready, rapid supply of quality product, while its mattresses (and some bedsteads) are made to order in the UK.

“It’s the best of both worlds,” Biny concludes.

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