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By Furniture News Jan 11, 2022

Makasi's root cause

Makasi Imports supplies the UK’s largest range of high-quality, driftwood-style teak root furniture and home accessories – and has worked hard to maintain supplies throughout the pandemic, says MD Dan Unsworth … 

At a time when the global pandemic was already causing widespread disruption to the retail industry, Makasi Imports was also hit by the implications of the worldwide shipping crisis, with container prices shooting up by around +700% – but the importer took the bold decision to carry on importing its unique products throughout the crisis, and strived to maintain healthy stock levels for its existing customers.

This meant absorbing much of the increased costs in order to help  Makasi’s stockists remain competitive, explains Dan: “Retail outlets were already suffering from lack of trade due to the pandemic, and the last thing they needed was a further hit to their profit levels. We took on a lot of the extra shipping costs ourselves, and renegotiated bulk discounts on other products to try and soften the blow. 

“We took the view that we were all in it together, and we would get through the rough times by helping each other out. Our customers really appreciated our philosophy, and we had a lot of positive feedback – at a time when others were struggling to maintain their client bases.”

Dan describes Makasi as a “people-first” company – its products are handmade by small family businesses using recycled teak roots, enabling whole trees to be used sustainably in the furnituremaking process, eliminating waste, benefiting the environment and helping to support local communities. 

For 30 years, Dan has made regular trips around the globe to maintain close relationships with manufacturers so he can personally guarantee the quality, sustainability and ethical production of Makasi’s products.

Makasi Imports’ wide range of rustic and contemporary designs is constantly evolving, with over 150 new products being added this year, ensuring that the supplier can always offer its customers something truly unique.

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