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By Furniture News Mar 18, 2021

Nathan Furniture gets style-savvy

As the pressure on retail continues to mount due to the prolonged impact of Covid-19, established furniture manufacturer Nathan Furniture has taken the bold step of investing in an interiors stylist to broaden its appeal to a new generation of social media-savvy clientele.

The appointment of Victoria Alderson, a freelance artist and interior designer, has enabled the Yorkshire-based company to reach thousands of new Instagram accounts as well as raising its content interactions by nearly +40% over the last quarter of 2020.

Nicholas Radford, MD of Nathan Furniture, says: “Victoria has done a great job pulling Nathan into the 21st century. Fantastic styling of the product, with on-trend accessories and great photography has been a vital part of our new approach on Instagram and, more recently, Facebook. 

“Instagram is absolutely image-led, and so the photographs posted need to be right, and Victoria has a great eye for that. She is also passionate about engaging with potential customers, which is key to driving forward each campaign and generating new interest in the company and our products.

“Consumers’ buying habits were already changing, but Covid-19 has hastened for us the importance of establishing a solid and attractive online presence.”

Nathan Furniture has also amended how its retail offer is presented on its website, by rebranding its sub-brands to help with the comparisons of similar items.

Nicholas adds: “We’ve discovered that younger customers aren’t searching for a suite of furniture, they are more interested in finding that one, key stand-out piece of furniture. Mixing and matching across a range, as well as mixing contemporary with vintage pieces, is very much on-trend, and our aim is to create a website that supports that.”

To view more of Victoria Alderson’s styling work for Nathan Furniture, visit www.instagram.com/nathanfurniture1916.

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