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By Furniture News Dec 10, 2020

Orbital's vision of the future

Orbital Vision is a creative agency based in the UK’s centre of quality upholstery manufacture, Long Eaton. Working with national and international manufacturers and retailers, Orbital Vision specialises in CGI interiors, and is best known for its work with fabrics – having spent three years learning how to build 3D fabrics to a photorealistic standard, the agency is renowned for the level of realism it offers …

The devastating effects of Covid-19 on the furniture industry have been widely discussed over the past 10 months, but the sudden global change has started to push a large number of manufacturers, suppliers and retailers into a more tech-forward way of selling, states Orbital.

In 2020, as a furniture manufacturer, it is often the case that selling into a retailer means that, along with physical products, it is also expected to provide 3D assets that will be compatible with the retailer’s website – “and, in many cases, if these assets aren’t available, the retailer will do the work themselves and send a very large invoice”, says Orbital’s MD, Rob Walker.

Based opposite Harrington Mills, the heart of the biannual Long Point exhibition, the agency spent its time in lockdown working on something to make CGI even more accessible and simple for its clients – an impressive shared library of assets is emerging, that is increasing introductions and sales between suppliers, manufacturers and retailers, and slashing the costs of CGI projects, says Rob.

Orbital, Warwick Fabrics and Tamarisk Designs have formed a working alliance which exemplifies the benefits of this tech-driven solution. By making 3D furniture, fabric and lifestyle shots available to share between clients, a never-before-seen approach has transpired, says Rob: “In simple terms, any manufacturer who buys Warwick fabrics now has access to a huge library of digital fabrics, removing the time and hassle of creating it themselves. 

“The second huge value that a manufacturer gains is having their own products built in CGI for their retailers to use in their own marketing – at a quarter of the cost of working on the project from scratch. It’s a cyclical network, with time- and cost-saving benefits at every step of the supply chain.”

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Pictured: CGI by Orbital Vision

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