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By Furniture News Aug 29, 2023

Readers' Choice Awards 2023: Best CGI Visualisation Provider

“It’s truly an honour to be voted this year’s Best CGI Visualisation Provider in the Readers’ Choice Awards! We want to thank everyone who voted for us – we appreciate it more than you could imagine,” says Neil Buckley-Jensen, owner and founder of Chilli Pepper Designs.

Chilli Pepper Designs is a CGI specialist which is striving to transform marketing material for the furniture industry. The business offers 3D-rendered lifestyle images, carefully designed by dedicated interior stylists and crafted by renowned CGI artists, to enhance its customers’ marketing imagery.

Neil founded Chilli Pepper Designs in 2020, when Covid-19 halted the availability of traditional photography, to the potnetial detriment of his furniture business, Indesign Furniture. However, Neil had a plan.

“CGI enables photorealistic imagery to captivate the customer and envision the furniture in their own living space,” says Neil. “CGI is all done digitally, therefore it’s cost effective, time effective, and more eco-friendly than traditional photography. It eliminates the cost and pollution of transporting furniture to a location for a shoot, allows for amendments to be made at any time, and, best of all, the images can be created before the furniture is even manufactured! It’s the perfect marketing secret!”

Chilli Pepper Designs has won numerous Furniture News reader awards – Best Newcomer 2021, Best CGI Visualisation/Website Provider 2021, and Best for Innovation 2022 – which are all proudly displayed in its office. 

“It’s a very proud moment when our customers come back with positive feedback from projects, and it means so much to the team and I when customers take the time to vote for us,” explains interior stylist, Lily Josephine Power. 

“We strongly believe we have so many happy and returning customers firstly because of our imagery, and secondly, because of our customer service. At Chilli Pepper Designs we love building lasting relationships with our customers, and really enjoy getting to know them and their companies. We believe this also helps us with creating their imagery, as we have a deeper understanding of their wants and needs.”

CGI created by Chilli Pepper Designs has helped double Indesign Furniture’s turnover, and is now utilised by some of the industry’s largest brands and manufacturers. 

“Our imagery is so good that most people genuinely think it’s a photograph,” adds Neil. “We understand that not every brand wants its customers to know that they are looking at CGI (not a photograph of the real thing), which is why we also check before sharing our collaborations – it’s putting our customers first which has taken us this far in the industry. 

“We have a lot of new and exciting things coming this year from Chilli Pepper Designs – watch this space!”

Pictured: CGI by Chilli Pepper Designs

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