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By Furniture News Aug 30, 2023

Readers' Choice Awards 2023: Best UK Upholstery Manufacturer

“We’re so proud of our team and their dedication to their craft in making our fine British furniture,” says Tetrad’s head of brand, Hope Cooper. “Having been voted as Best UK Upholstery Manufacturer by the readers of Furniture News, we’re incredibly humbled to know this is recognised and appreciated by others too.”

If there is one thing Tetrad’s team never tires of hearing, it is the phrase, “Ah, you can tell it’s a Tetrad” – the second someone sits back in one of its sofas or chairs and experiences that pleasant surprise that it feels as beautiful as it looks, states the sofamaker.

But the hidden secret to achieving that superior comfort lies much deeper than just the premium springs and feather-wrap seat interiors, says development and design manager, Tony Proctor: “It’s at the very core of the design process from start to finish. 

“Having been making premium British sofas since 1968, we’ve certainly got a few years of know-how amongst us when it comes to creating the perfect sit, regardless of the style of sofa. Of course, a more formal, upright sofa such as the Vagabond is going to feel different to the relaxed, laid-back, sink-into style of the Ava, so there’s no one-size fits all approach.”

Known for its timeless, “typically Tetrad” look, the manufacturer enjoys elevating its designs by layering textures and playing with vibrant prints and unique fabrics. With sofas typically being the focal point of most rooms, Tetrad has the opportunity to deliver enduring character and contemporary style to a room through its furniture – be it a sofa, armchair or footstool. 

With an eclectic collection of over 200 fabrics, Tetrad’s furniture can be as statement or subtle as one likes. “We’ve really noticed a difference in fabric choices since making our 3D product configurator live this time last year,” says Hope. “Being able to see your preferred sofa in every fabric option really helps people have confidence in their chosen style. Gone are the days of closing your eyes and trying to imagine what that small swatch of fabric would look like as a three-piece suite!

“Not everyone is as imaginative as an interior designer, and our stockists have limited floorspace, so if they’ve got a sofa displayed in leather, trying to picture that sofa in a statement print can be quite hard.” 

A walk through the Tetrad’s factory in Preston, Lancashire, reveals the utmost attention to detail and pride in craftsmanship taken by each team member, from well-proportioned, hand-studded detailing, to the skill in hand-antiquing leathers. No two pieces are the same, either, reflective of the manufacturer’s vast fabric offering.

Tetrad is overjoyed to take the top spot in this category, concludes Hope: “In a world of throwaway culture and one-season-use style, it’s encouraging to know that others share our values for delivering timeless style that’s built to last.”

Pictured: Warwick grand sofa

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