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By Furniture News Sept 06, 2023

Readers' Choice Awards 2023: Best Upholstered Bed Supplier

“I was delighted that the company was awarded Best Upholstered Bed Supplier in this year’s Readers’ Choice Awards! Without question, this is the time to celebrate the combined dedication of all our teams involved in creating fine upholstery, building and furthering knowledge of over 50 years in the bed industry,” says the marketing director and senior designer for Furmanac/Hestia Living, Simon Hayford Morris …

“On behalf of myself and the team, I would like to acknowledge with thanks all the votes from the retailers,” Simon continues. “This prestigious recognition coincides with the strategic decision of Hestia Living and MiBed, two well-established brands, to separate into two distinct entities. The aim is to enhance the strengths and individuality of each brand, fostering growth, innovation, and improved customer experiences.

“Driven by a shared legacy of excellence and a commitment to quality, the division of Hestia and MiBed into separate brands is a deliberate move to build upon their strengths and expand their horizons. This decision promises numerous benefits for both brands, allowing them to cater to their unique customer bases and pursue their distinctive paths.

“Hestia Living, renowned for its exquisite and beautifully upholstered beds, will continue to provide discerning customers with unmatched craftsmanship and timeless design. The separation from MiBed enables Hestia Living to focus exclusively on its core expertise, strengthening its position as a leading brand in luxurious upholstered beds. With undivided attention to its craft, Hestia Living aims to elevate its commitment to excellence and create exceptional pieces for the numerous retailers showcasing its products. 

“The Evomotion range, known for its massive weight capacity, luxurious upholstery, and whisper-quiet motors, generates positive feedback, with exciting additions on the horizon. On a very similar path, the brand-new Retro sofabed has seen incredible sales after been showcased over the past 12 months, with retailers thrilled by its 6-second action and beautiful upholstery.

“Similarly, MiBed, known for its adjustable bed innovation and motion-intelligent sleep solutions, embarks on an independent journey, further leveraging its reputation as the industry’s most trusted and experienced manufacturer. Each base and mattress is proudly made in the UK, ensuring swift delivery.

“Operating as a distinct brand, MiBed can further invest in R&D, exploring cutting-edge technologies and advancements in adjustable beds. This autonomy allows MiBed to refine its state-of-the-art products, set new standards, and cater exclusively to individuals seeking customised comfort and the transformative benefits of adjustable beds. 

“The recently launched MiBed Simplicity mattress range has received applause from UK retailers, and without question, this comes from our dedication to mattress design – specifically for the adjustable bed product.

“As Hestia Living and MiBed evolve as separate brands, retailers can expect tailored POS material and brochures, and online resources will be adjusted accordingly. Both brands will have new websites, with Hestia Living embodying the luxurious look and feel of the brand, and MiBed making the experience even more accessible with simplified mattress and base option pages, with new roomset/lifestyle images that will generate a significant impact.

“In conclusion, the decision to split Hestia and MiBed into two separate brands marks an exciting new chapter for both entities. Hestia Living and MiBed can amplify their commitment to excellence, innovation and customer satisfaction by focusing on their strengths. Each brand will shine independently, delivering unparalleled experiences and products tailored to the unique needs of their respective customer bases.”

Simon believes that Furmanac’s “dedication to providing exceptional handmade upholstered bedroom furniture, with meticulous attention to detail”, played a crucial role in securing this accolade. 

“This commitment will continue to ensure a competitive edge over our competitors,” he adds. “The future holds immense promise, especially with new inspiring designs, more additions to our world-class range of fabrics, and refined manufacturing to keep our pricing as competitive as possible. Each brand is poised to achieve new heights of success, industry leadership, and ultimately customer delight.”

Pictured: Olivia, Hestia Living

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