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By Furniture News Oct 31, 2023

Stand up for your right (to sit down), says La-Z-Boy

Sit back, and listen up! Iconic recliner brand La-Z-Boy UK is launching its most ambitious marketing rebrand to date, to highlight its commitment to delivering comfort to consumers …

Long Live the Lazy aims to reinvigorate the brand and generate interest and engagement from both retailers and customers. Its mission is to bring La-Z-Boy into the cultural conversation and promote to today’s consumers its USPs of comfort by design and motion furniture.

Research has shown that while consumers know La-Z-Boy as a recliner brand, it is not as well known for suites or static furniture. The Long Live the Lazy campaign, which has already been launched in the US for the American arm of the business, and other territories worldwide, will also ensure consistency in how the brand is presented around the world, to boost recognition globally.

The ethos behind Long Live the Lazy is to encourage consumers to embrace the art of self care and ‘me time’ by allowing themselves to fully relax and enjoy feet-up lazy moments, away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. 

Adam Morley, head of marketing and operations at La-Z-Boy UK, says: “Life today is busier and more stressful than ever before, and we want to stand up for people’s right to sit down and enjoy well-deserved lazy moments. Our Long Live the Lazy campaign recognises the importance of taking time out to unwind, lay back and prioritise comfort, self-care and relaxation. 

“We hope retailers will love our fresh and modern brand identity as much as we do – this is the biggest investment in the La-Z-Boy brand to date. The campaign will really focus on the comfort our collections offer consumers, and we will be embracing innovative new ways to get this message out to potential customers and the furniture industry as a whole.”

Find out more about La-Z-Boy's rebrand in November's issue.

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