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By Furniture News May 18, 2022

Style with spirit – introducing Superstylin

With a keen focus on interesting details and eclectic styling, Gregor Ryan’s creative director Ryan McNeish spent the initial lockdown designing and producing a collection of design-led interior pieces across living, dining and lighting, resulting in a range that references his passion for interesting, stylish products – Superstylin … 

Superstylin is a new lifestyle brand developed with quality retail partners in mind, which offers a unique approach to home style that “speaks volumes”, says its creator, Ryan McNeish.

“Designing the collection allowed me to reflect and reference the inspirations that I love the most,” he explains. “As I see it, 21st century style isn’t about reinventing the past – it’s about reinterpreting the future, and pushing the style and craft at the heart of a range.”

“The collection offers different material options wherever we feel appropriate,” he continues, “and this provides a range that you can mix and match to your own style.  We have interesting brass, gunmetal, polished and antique finishes. We also use stone granite, white marble and French brown marble, and our signature Italian ice, baked and Isobar stone, alongside walnut, weathered finishes and reclaimed woods.  We offer different price points for different partners, with modern living at the heart of our story.”

Ryan believes that giving back to the environment is an important ethos for any business, as are charitable contributions – therefore, he has pledged to plant new trees for the wood used in the range’s creation.  The metal frames employ recycled scrap steel – which is added into almost all of the new steel production local to the manufacturer, says Ryan – while the marble products are mined locally at various production sites.

Ryan is very close to the Superstylin project, so understandably has a few personal favourites from the portfolio. “I’m particularly proud of some of the liquid metal lights,” he says. “I love the Notre Dame, Molten and Turbine lights most. These are oversized statement lighting pieces, and I love the modern design aesthetic fused with classic references. 

“The Rotunda and Prysm tables are stylish modern pieces in dining, as are the Fusion and Artisan collections – both beautiful and timeless, yet with a modern aesthetic. The Lotus and Velocity chairs complement our collections, but there are lots of beautiful alternatives. 

“In all, it’s a dichotomy of stylish pieces, using a modern, earthy colour palette with complementary glamorous and vintage materials.”

For more information, contact Jane La Valle (England and Wales) on 07976 636929, or Stewart Sutherland (Scotland and Ireland) on 07792 518842.

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