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Why mattress retailers should choose Sealy

With everything one would expect – and a good deal more – from one of the most renowned names in the industry, Sealy continues to hold a well-deserved reputation within the mattress world, writes the manufacturer … 

For decades, the brand has supplied both the domestic and hospitality sector with an impressive range of high-quality, attractively priced mattresses.

Retailers that choose to stock a range from the Sealy mattress brand are able to offer their discerning clients a sleep solution tailored to their specific needs. With decades of research, innovative technology and a long list of happy customers to back it up, Sealy prides itself on having identified the exact formula that results in the perfect night’s sleep.

So, how does it do it?

Impressive range

What constitutes a good mattress can be different from person to person. For some, it is all about comfort – for others, it is the health benefits from a well-supported night’s sleep that directs them to the Sealy range.

And, let’s face it, for some, just the Sealy name itself will be enough to make the decision an easy one.

There are two main Sealy mattress ranges - the Sealy Classics, and the Sealy Posturepedic. Customers can select from single to super-king sizes, and everything in between, so there is no need to compromise on quality, whatever space one is working with. Once the size and range has been decided upon, customers get to further tailor their mattress to their requirements, by selecting the comfort and support level that suits them best.

Decades of experience

It takes years of experience, expertise and research to identify the important qualities of a mattress. It takes even longer to design and manufacture a product that meets those exacting standards. Sealy has managed it, and that is why it is the go-to brand for so many high-end retailers and hospitality outlets.

Being known as a retailer that stocks the Sealy range is like an unofficial seal of approval for customers, when it comes to choosing where to buy a mattress. You see, it is not just brains that have gone into developing Sealy's range – heart and soul have played a major part, too. Understanding how, why, when and where its customers sleep is fundamental in allowing Sealy's researchers to develop a range that offers so many options.

Build quality

British made, in the heart of Cumbria, for more than 60 years, the Sealy brand is synonymous with the term 'quality'. Using proven techniques and quality materials in every Sealy mattress means customers are buying into a tradition that has been built on excellence over the decades.

Retailers of Sealy mattresses are part of the Sealy community. When one stocks a Sealy mattress, they are more than just a supplier, says Sealy – they become part of the Sealy family of approved retailers: "That, in itself, is a mark of approval that any mattress supplier would be delighted to hold."

There is no denying that the mattress industry is a competitive one. One need only look online to be swamped with, and overwhelmed by, a seemingly endless list of mattress providers promising the best quality, choice and price.

However, a competitive market is useful to retailers, says Sealy. It raises the bar, and separates the good from the not-so good. That is where quality, experience and knowledge really do come in handy.

When one is surrounded by choice, it can be difficult to know where to start. Suppliers of Sealy mattresses are already a few steps ahead of the competition. From its family foundations – still so important today – to the continued research and development into so much more than just comfort, Sealy maintains a strong reputation built on quality and reliability.

Retailers stocking this versatile range can expect to see customers return (after a few years, of course), when their mattress needs to be replaced. And recommendations drive new customers through the door to check out the enviable range on offer, too.

"The Sealy brand speaks for itself, and as a retailer it is definitely worth being part of that conversation," concludes Sealy.

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