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By Furniture News Mar 21, 2023

Winner: The Furniture Awards 2023 (Design Innovation)

The Furniture Awards returned at this year’s January Furniture Show, to single out the suppliers setting the pace in their respective fields. From daring designers to green giants, this year’s winners represent just what our industry is capable of …

The winner of the Design Innovation category this year was Citibed.

The Design Innovation category singles out the businesses pushing the boundaries of creativity and leading the way in good product design – as well as those putting truly original ideas at the heart of what they do.

With living space at a premium, furniture designers are increasingly tasked with creating multifunctional solutions that enable people to make the most of their homes. The judging panel had not seen anything like Citibed’s clean, flexible and very commercial hideaway bed, which builds on what has gone before – and does so with style.

“Citibed redefines and revolutionises space,” says Nicky Cannon, the MD and founder of The Jonic Group, which brought the concept to JFS this year. “A brand-new product, using only the same area as a king-sized bed, it means a lounge, office, dining room and bedroom become achievable effortlessly at the touch of a button.”

With a simple and modern patented design, Citibed allows the user to maximise functionality using minimal space. It flows from a parallel seating design to an office space, with a drop-down table creating a multipurpose space designed for focus and creativity, or simply relaxing and dining with friends. 

“Returning the aforementioned table, at the touch of a button, the parallel arrangement changes again, this time morphing into a fully sized and dressed double bed,” Nicky continues. “With integrated pillows, sheets and a duvet uniquely enveloped into the design, a fully made bed is produced in seconds, without compromising on comfort. Washing the linen is easy too, with fastenings allowing for the bedding to be fully removed, before being re-attached once cleaned. 

“Once the occupant has enjoyed their luxurious visit, the bed is simply stored away using the simple-to-operate remote, and the space once again becomes a seating/work area. 

“There is simply no end to Citibed’s uses and spaces – this revolutionary concept can change how space is perceived. Effectively, in any place where space is at a premium, a Citibed can vastly increase the options available. In a world where space is diminishing, it only makes sense to maximise on the functionality of every area possible.”

Having conducted product testing at a previous exhibition, Jonic launched Citibed to the UK marketplace at JFS, and garnered much attention. 

“We are thrilled to receive this award,” adds Nicky. “It has been a real team effort and a long road to achieve the product we’ve created today. We couldn’t be prouder that Citibed is being recognised for its innovation and design. It’s a very exciting time, and I can’t wait to see where Citibed takes us.”

The judges said: “We loved the design. It’s a piece of genuine design innovation – very clean, neat, and unique. It’s also amazingly flexible, and able to do so much – including so many possible commercial applications – within a very confined footprint. What a concept!”

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