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By Furniture News Nov 24, 2023

December's issue: Going all out

Showtime’s just around the corner, so in December's issue we’ve gone all out to deliver a packed rundown of next year’s key exhibitions, including a look at what’s new at the January Furniture Show.

Since the pandemic eased, in-person events have come back fighting – but one area that’s seen marked change is online product marketing, where CGI visualisation has made huge inroads. We return to the topic this month, with updates and opinions from the sector’s leaders.

Other highlights include store presentations from Loaf and Rodgers of York, a potted history of Now To Bed, Airsprung’s Paul Little in the hotseat, an analysis of autumn’s search trends, and the winners of this year’s Young Furniture Makers Awards.

Following that, we’ve opinion pieces covering everything from off-site SEO to fun in the workplace, plus reflections on our pre-pandemic coverage in light of the Covid inquiry – closing with news from the Women in Furniture Network, and a look at what industry professionals really want from their trade shows.

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