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By Amy Wilson Nov 01, 2023

Factors to consider when specifying hotel furniture

The arrangement and aesthetic of furniture within a hotel significantly influences the ambiance of its indoor setting, writes contributor Amy Wilson, adding that thoughtfully chosen pieces serve a practical purpose and contribute to the overall visual appeal: "Furniture is crucial in providing guests with a distinctive, memorable, and cosy experience," she says, sharing five factors to consider when choosing hotel furniture …

Select durable and simple-to-maintain pieces

Selecting furniture for the hospitality sector should prioritise comfort and functionality. Pieces with elaborate or detailed designs may pose maintenance challenges, often requiring extra work to clean, fix, or replace if they get damaged.

The most desirable hospitality furniture blends attractive design, long-lasting durability, and simplicity in upkeep. A well-executed mix of size, fabric, and continuously evolving materials can deliver outstanding comfort, while still being robust enough to weather external conditions. Companies like Adage Furniture have high-quality hospitality furniture to fit a range of budgets.

Incorporate technology

Guests in the modern world anticipate that their hotels will be equipped with the most cutting-edge technology. Many hotel furniture designs are suited to the tech requirements of your guests, enabling them to live and work comfortably away from home.

In this era of digitalisation, consider the compatibility of hotel amenities with guests' devices. The leading hotels also provide superior entertainment experiences right in the guest rooms. 


It's now a standard expectation for guests to encounter a sensory experience from the moment they enter a hotel. The days of randomly placed, austere chairs and loveseats at the entrance are over. The focus has shifted from merely creating visually appealing scenes to ensuring comfort, adaptability and pleasure for both guests and hotel staff.

The modern expectation is that hotels' public spaces should effortlessly serve as living rooms, waiting areas, business hubs, cocktail bars and private retreats. Achieving these distinct zones is only possible with strategic furniture placement.

Positioning a large sectional with low-backed chairs in the middle of the room invites everyone to relax. A raised bar top with barstools next to the reception offers business travellers a mix of visibility and seclusion without any obligations. A communal table in a restaurant signifies a sense of community and engagement.


The selection of your furniture's material is of significant importance. Wooden furniture could be a superior choice as it's easy to relocate, has smooth edges, and boasts durability. Moreover, its repair process is straightforward. Choosing solid wood would be beneficial for an economical yet upscale feel in your restaurant.

You can also consider other materials like veneer. Composed of slim layers of wood, it gives your restaurant an elegant and attractive appearance. If longevity and durability are your top concerns, laminated tables would be ideal, as they offer resistance against scratches.


The hospitality furniture design is crucial in zoning and reflecting a hotel's character. A wingback chair communicates a different vibe compared to a low sling chair. The secret lies in comprehending this message.

Hotel designers typically opt for custom designs instead of choosing furniture from a retailer. This is especially true for standard-sized guestrooms where space is a premium and custom-made furniture is required to ensure the appropriate scale.

In spaces like a lobby or restaurant, the scale of each furniture piece is important to establish their correct relationship. For instance, the height of a side table must be designed precisely so that a guest sitting on the neighbouring sofa can comfortably place their drink on it.


There are numerous considerations when selecting the ideal hospitality furniture. The primary objective is to equip a space per a comprehensive plan that embodies your brand, principles, and inherent budget. Selecting furniture that aligns with the aesthetic tastes of your targeted customers significantly impacts their experience.

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