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By Steve Pickering Nov 03, 2023

Gauging (and growing) staff satisfaction

Steve Pickering, the ‘unorthodox’ CEO of fast-growing South East independent bed retail chain Sussex Beds, shares his approach to gathering staff feedback – and the subsequent challenges it presents … 

How happy are your team? If you don’t know, maybe it is time to ask? Or are you too frightened?

It is no different to any other measurement or metric – ‘what gets measured, gets improved.’

We began measuring team satisfaction during the pandemic. A very simple daily check-in was developed which allowed all team members to respond with either a happy, sad or OK face, with provision to add context if wished.This system was really appreciated by the team, and allowed us to reach out to those who needed assistance or support.

The team satisfaction survey has since evolved into a quarterly check, together with an more detailed annual review. Each survey provides overall team satisfaction, departmental and job role NPS (net promoter scores).

I am not going to sit here and say it is easy. You will have to read some uncomfortable comments, which you will take personally, will push your emotional buttons and irritate. You will need to learn to look through and filter the unfounded, unhelpful critiques, and focus your attention toward the issues or feedback which are constructive, raised recurringly or are of higher importance.

You will also have to take action. There is no point going to all the effort of obtaining feedback if you do nothing with it. 

Some are simple, easy wins. Some are longer term or more complex. The important thing is that you are making progress in creating a happier, more productive place in which to work.

How do you measure your team’s satisfaction? Or would you rather not know?

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