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How Mattress Online meets the needs of younger shoppers

In January's issue, Furniture News investigates how to meet evolving demand from the younger generations – Rotherham-based multichannel bed seller Mattress Online has a firm handle on the needs of younger customers, say brand marketing manager Lauren Eades, and merchandiser and forecast planner Victoria Knox …

What is your business doing to actively target and address the demands of younger shoppers?

Our user-friendly website makes for easy browsing, as younger audiences tend to be more likely online customers looking for a value-for-money, easy transaction, with pay options like Klarna, for example. We heavily optimise for mobile devices, as many younger shoppers will turn to smartphones for shopping.

With social media activity being a prime spot to capture a younger audience, we utilise those channels in line with our marketing strategy, bolstered by AI-driven PPC and affiliate marketing. 

Younger shoppers will buy into the social value and sustainability credentials of a business, as well as it being the right thing to do – and we also recognise that purchase decisions can be influenced by reviews, sleep trials, and convenience and speed of delivery, too. 

What typifies their shopping/buying habits, and what’s driving these differences?

Straightforward and easy transactions through the convenience of mobile are typically favoured by the younger buyer – they’ve essentially had a digital childhood, so they access everything online first and search out what they want to know and find. This makes their decisions more informed. 

Lifestyle factors will shape their shopping habits – for example, the option of paying monthly, or saving for a first home, can affect their choices. 

In some cases the lifestyle factors may make them bigger worriers and more health-conscious, so they may place more focus on a healthier lifestyle when browsing and making the purchase.

Can you provide an example of a supplier that recognises these demands, and how you’re working with them?

Emma seems to be targeting the younger generation through a number of effective ways – good presence on socials and use of influencers, the convenience of a rolled product, a simplistic and a minimalistic brand which seems to resonate with younger people, and their new sleep improvement app will appeal to younger audiences. 

Their range of four mattresses simplifies the decision-making process, plus memory foam is seen as new tech, even though springs still work. 

How do you plan to meet the needs of Gen Z (and younger) as their spending power emerges?

We’re always looking to explore social media channels more for that particular audience – being a modern brand and having an in-house dev team always working on the latest tech on the website helps us to pivot quickly to the needs of our customers. 

Can you provide an example of one of your products or ranges that targets a younger audience?

Our Luna range is our flagship bed-in-a-box offering, which is perfect for easy delivery and convenience – but it’s also very affordable for these key audiences, as it comes in multiple price points.

The option of a matching pillow and topper is also available, so the customer can save time and buy everything at the same time to enjoy the complete set-up! 

In January's lead feature, alongside opinion pieces from other seasoned professionals, you’ll find accounts from retailers, suppliers, and everything in between, describing what their business is doing to meet the demands of younger customers. Read it here.


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