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By Furniture News Aug 23, 2022

How the bed industry talks to the consumer

From new components to advanced material technologies, the bed industry is impressively dynamic – and nowhere is this energy more apparent than in its approach to consumer marketing. But how is that messaging evolving, and why?

In May's issue, we asked a handful of D2C and B2B bed specialists for their thoughts: Cheryl Calverley, CEO, eve Sleep; Stuart Nutbeen, MD, Mammoth Sit & Sleep; and Simon Moore, director of marketing, Dreams.

We started by asking them to outline their key consumer marketing messages …

Cheryl Calverley: Our brand is all about the wonderful benefits of being well slept. So, the core brand positioning focuses on helping customers understand that eve is a brand that will help you sleep better, and our lead creative, the ‘sloth’, brings to life how amazing you’ll feel after a night on an eve mattress (you’ll literally ‘wake up dancing’).

Underneath that we have specific strands of messaging. We have some work that helps you ‘switch off’ at night – one of the biggest threats to good sleep – with a sponsorship of late nights on Channel 4 at its lead.

We then have more direct communication around our product, highlighting particularly the fact that we’re so confident you’ll love it that we offer you a one-year at-home trial – you can return it at any point in the first year and we will give you a full refund. 

Obviously at a more detailed level, once people get into the buying journey we highlight the fact that our mattresses are the best in the UK, according to Which?, and the specific details that go into making them brilliant – from the active heat removal to the unique contour zones that keep you perfectly comfortable at night. This strategy is then specific to each product range, from pillows and duvets to bedframes and sleepover products.

Stuart Nutbeen: At its heart, Mammoth is a health and wellbeing brand focused on helping consumers to develop better sleep habits to make better choices. For us, it’s not just about selling a mattress – it’s about helping to deepen people’s understanding of why better sleep, and Mammoth, will ultimately increase their quality of life.

It’s also about our unique credentials, with our heritage in healthcare, award wins for innovation, and our exclusive partnership with the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy. We know that consumers want credentials they can trust – that’s why Mammoth has built such a strong reputation with the public, elite athletes and over 60,000 healthcare professionals.

"We know that consumers want credentials they can trust"

Simon Moore: One in five people in the UK don’t get enough sleep, meaning that millions miss out on the benefits it brings to both their physical health and overall wellbeing. As the UK’s leading bed retailer, all of us at Dreams are passionate about sleep and passionate about beds. 

We have a long history of being the nation’s leading bed expert, and we are proud of that. Not only do we make, sell and deliver a wide range of quality products that cater to all budgets and needs, but our in-store experts also work with every single customer to identify the bed that best suits their needs, via their own knowledge and aided by our unique Sleep Match Technology.

All of this ensures that we stay the UK’s leading speciality bed retailer, are the first choice for one in three shoppers, and have a Trustpilot rating of 4.7.

Read the full article in May's issue of Furniture News magazine.

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