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By Sam King Jan 17, 2023

Making selling mindful

How can retailers ensure long-term growth and success? By concentrating on strengthening long-term relationships and building loyalty – and not by looking for the one-time sale, says sales trainer Sam King, who offers a few tips based on his experiences … 

1. Always proactively overcome objections for the prospect

As salespeople, it’s our job to be proactive in our approach and take the pressure away from any potential customers. This means incorporating proactively overcoming objections – concerning delivery dates, the available colours and sizes, etc – into our pitch. 

By doing this, we are building trust with the prospect as we are showing that we are the experts in our field – which we are! This is a great way to invite prospects to open up, without coming across as pushy. By leading the sale in this way we stay in control and can manoeuvre it. 

Sometimes a prospect may have an objection that we haven’t heard before. That’s fine. We must overcome it positively and in their best interests, whilst adding it to our list of objections we may need to pitch for next time! How many potential objections can you think of that should be added into your pitch?

2. Asking for permission is another fantastic skill to use to gain credibility

Need to serve another customer? Ask permission. Want to show a better product that will suit their needs? Ask permission.Need to answer the phone? Ask permission.

This lets prospects think they’re in the driving seat of the interaction, when in fact they’re not, we are. Not only this, but it makes us feel good – we’re building trust and rapport with the prospect and increasing our chances of them not just making a purchase, but building a relationship that lasts a lifetime.

3. Putting the solution above all else is essential for long-term relationships and growth

By investing the time and really leaning into the prospect’s problem, we get a better picture of what they actually want.Remember, we’re the experts, so let’s take the time and delve deep into our wisdom to find that perfect solution. 

We should be so focused on the solution that nothing outside of that interaction exists! Showing that we care that much about our customers will generate long-term loyalty and referrals, regardless of how the sales manager may be breathing down our necks or how many customers are in the store.

4. Not letting negativity into our world is essential for all of this to happen 

Our thoughts affect our emotions, body language and reality. That’s why keeping a check of our thoughts when they go off track is so important in relationships. Being mindful of negativity (no matter how tricky the customer) is a sure method for long-term growth and success.

You know the feeling – when you’re ‘at one’ with the shop floor. Everything you touch turns to gold. Orders are coming out of nowhere! Why not recreate that every day of the year?

This is possible with affirmations, mindfulness and breathing techniques. Yes, it’s spiritual, but it works. Once we master our emotions, we master our surroundings and can be the best version of ourselves. If anybody would like to know more about this skill, we’ll gladly go over this practice with you (free of charge, of course).

Let me know how these tips work for you!

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