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By Furniture News May 13, 2022

Selling sleep – the evolution of bed marketing

From new components to advanced material technologies, the bed industry is impressively dynamic – and nowhere is this energy more apparent than in its approach to consumer marketing. After all, few would dispute the importance of getting as good night’s sleep, so it pays to ensure the marketing messages hit home …

Sleep is big business, with beds at its heart. Thanks in part to the bed supply chain’s efforts, consumers are becoming increasingly switched on to the physical and psychological benefits of a good night’s sleep, enticing them to spend more, and more frequently, on the products that enable it.

Perhaps more than any other form of furniture, bed marketing has moved away from selling a product, and towards selling its benefits instead. Material and component quality still have their place, but usually it’s secondary to the headline – buy this, and you will sleep better, which will in turn give you a better quality of life.

It’s a compelling message, made all the more persuasive by the passion and creative heft that’s so often behind it – from retailers, established brands, manufacturers and, notably, the newer bed-in-a-box brands.

But how is that messaging evolving, and why? As part of our Innovation in Bedding feature in May's Furniture News, we asked a mix of D2C and B2B bed specialists for their views: Cheryl Calverley, CEO, eve Sleep; Stuart Nutbeen, MD, Mammoth Sit & Sleep; and Simon Moore, director of marketing, Dreams.

Discover their thoughts on the matter here.

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