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By Furniture News Nov 13, 2019

The Big Question: How do you achieve a good work/life balance (if at all)?

What do you think? From emerging trends to the latest business principles, Furniture News is setting out to gauge the trade’s feelings on a variety of industry-specific topics. Today, we’re asking: "How do you achieve a good work/life balance (if at all)?"

Jessica Alexander (AKA PR, NBF): Discipline and delegation! Plus making sure I have plenty of out-of-work activities to engage in – for me specifically that’s hiking in the lovely Yorkshire Dales where I am lucky enough to live, plus singing in a community choir

Rob Scarlett (Scarlett Design): I work from home so I get to put my daughter to bed every night and have breakfast with the family every morning

Dids Macdonald (ACID, The Furniture Makers’ Company): I enjoy my work at ACID and at The Furniture Makers’ Company so much that, most of the time, work and fun are the same – that may sound a bit old hat, but it’s true. However, I ensure also that there is plenty of ‘me’ time to relax, replenish and energise with fun activities such as tennis, walking, cooking, opera, meeting friends and family, etc

Nick Garratt (BFM): Keep your mind focused on what really matters (for me, family and friends) and remember work is there to improve those experiences

Steve Adams (MattressOnline): That is a real challenge. I do have a tendency to work seven days a week. If I need some downtime I just take a few hours off. I balance this with lifestyle strategies such as a good night’s sleep, regular exercise and a healthy diet

Jan Turner (AKA PR): I’ve got better at compartmentalising the two after many years, although difficult periods at work inevitably still impact on home life. Friends, family and being a member of a rock choir, pilates class and wine club also helps!

Gavin Boden (GB Agencies): I think that you have to go with the flow now, and if I really want to come away from any work-type distractions I turn off my phone. I have started to leave my phone at home for holidays – I only take my tablet, and check my emails once a day

Mike Murray (Land of Beds): Land of Beds is an independent, family-run business, and having a good work/life balance that allows all our workforce to enjoy quality time with their families is essential. Having two young children allows me to focus on the most important things in life – spending time together as a family, attending school sports days, plays and dance shows, and being able to take the kids to their various after-school classes. Professionally, our job is to help people to achieve a good night’s sleep, but we also focus on the other key foundations of a healthy lifestyle. This includes providing our staff with free fruit to help with their ‘five a day’, reduced gym membership to encourage physical activity, and opportunities to undertake charity work around mental health – promoting social inclusion through involvement with our local communities

Emma Leeke (Leekes): If you love what you do, it’s never an issue!

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