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By Furniture News Dec 09, 2022

The challenges of recreating fabric in CGI

If the goal of CGI imagery is realism, fabric presents creative studios with one of their most significant challenges. In this article, Furniture News discovers how some of the sector’s best ensure their simulated sofas and soft furnishings look good enough to touch …

In the furniture industry, the CGI marketing revolution continues apace, providing sellers with a valuable alternative to traditional photoshoots, plus the promise of a future-proofed image library that can keep pace with the world’s fast-evolving ecommerce demands. 

As an eminently tactile subject, furniture’s accurate representation in this arena is particularly important. The most successful CGI needs to convey the feel of a tabletop’s woodgrain, or the cool brush of a metal frame – but nowhere is this verisimilitude more important than in getting across the unique qualities of fabric.

Thankfully, there are experts in the field specialised in replicating the feel of wools, velvets, linens and more in visualisations covering everything from upholstery to soft furnishings – this month, Furniture News asked a few of them to reveal the biggest challenges of simulationg furniture fabrics, and how their studio overcomes them …

Read the feature in December's issue, here.

Pictured: Orbital Vision provides detailed and realistic texture imagery for clients including Warwick Fabrics

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