20 July 2024, 17:23
By Gary Wilmes May 16, 2024

The future of digital signage in furniture stores

Digital signage for furniture stores is a sound investment, writes Gary Wilmes, explaining how screens, when paired with powerful software like Kitcast can boost sales, improve engagement, and spark interest in products …

Let’s see how furniture stores can utilise digital signage for growth.

What do we mean by digital signage in furniture stores? Digital signage is a marketing tool that allows you to show content using the screens.

When it comes to retail, it’s a proven solution that comes with many benefits. The displays are versatile and allow you to try various selling tactics, run promotional campaigns, highlight your social media accounts, and gather customer feedback.

Also, digital signage technology is a smart investment in the future. Screens serve as a bridge between offline and online mediums and can be used to enable AI, AR, and VR.

In other words, by going with displays, you’re securing the relevance of your furniture store.

What are the types of digital signage content?

By installing a screen in your store you’re getting a multifaceted content delivery tool.

There are various types of digital signage you can utilise at your furniture store, including: short- and long-form videos promoting your range of products; interactive informational boards; video walls at the cash desk; social media links using QR codes; calls to action and feedback forms; and widgets.

How to start using digital signage in your store

With Kitcast you won’t need to deal with cables and complicated tech lingo, and there are only three simple steps to create a digital signage network: first, connect the Apple TV to the screen; then find the Kitcast app in the App Store and install it; and then follow the screen-linking instructions in the app. Voila, you’re ready to go!

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