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By Furniture News Dec 21, 2022

Unlocking a greener tomorrow

Against a backdrop of growing consumer demand, evolving methodologies and rising awareness of the issues involved, eco-friendly furniture continues to gain momentum. But how will the movement affect how you do business?

In 2021, Furniture News explored the philosophies behind the emerging sustainable sofa movement, before drilling down into the world of eco-friendly packaging in February.

In last October's issue, we instead looked at the big picture, and asked a broad cross-section of the trade to comment on the key themes of consumer demand, effective marketing and the possibility of delivering a joined-up solution.

Do consumers really understand the implications of the processes involved in delivering sustainable furniture – and are they willing to pay for it? As the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) investigates whether fast-fashion brands Asos, Boohoo and Asda are guilty of misleading advertising practices, where does the greenwashing stop and the hard work begin? And might the green agenda require more of a cross-industry approach before it’s too late?

Read the feature to discover what the trade had to say …

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