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By Furniture News Sept 12, 2014

Chinese and Dutch designers shine at Furniture China

This year's edition of Furniture China places a particular emphasis on the importance of original, fresh and inspiring design, and it certainly does not disappoint. The clear front runners at the event in terms of design appeal are Chinese and Dutch companies - here are just a few of my personal highlights...

Vasca by Dutch designer, Erik Couzy, is a sports car-inspired chair, which doubles up as a work of art. The back of the chair is perhaps even more unique - it is open to reveal an interesting interplay of lines and a true artistic flair. 

The Digital X Project by Chinese designer Zhang Zhoujie presents a seemingly infinite number of forms possible through a new state-of-the-art manufacturing platform. This software, developed by Zhang's in-house team, has managed to scale custom-made designer furniture production to high levels of efficiency and precision. 

The inspiration behind the 'Home' exhibit by Peixin Li Design is the desire to create a relaxing feel for the home and to bring people closer to nature. Solid wood in a variety of shapes, sizes and structures are utilised to produce this effect. The main objective of this design is to promote freedom, leisure and simplicity through design. 

The Air Chair by PINWU is an unconventional interpretation of traditional Chinese bamboo weaving. The concept explores the limits of bamboo's weight and strength. The result is a lightweight chair with the same durability of a much heavier chair. 

Finally, the Hangzhou Stool by Chen Min is made of bamboo veneers, and is a compact piece of furniture which takes advantage of the qualities of the material. The flexibility not only offers comfort, but is also said to express the relaxing and free atmosphere of Hangzhou city. 

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