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By Couture Furniture Apr 10, 2013

Essential bespoke furniture colours for 2013

There is something about bespoke furniture that radiates class, sophistication, style and taste – which has probably got something to do with the fact that bespoke furniture owners can smile somewhat smugly with the knowledge that their furniture has not been mass-produced, and they will not have the fear of walking into a friend’s or family member’s house to be faced with the same piece of furniture.

Whilst bespoke furniture is designed with a customer’s individual specifications directly in mind, this rather unique style of furniture does adapt to certain trends, which fluctuate almost as often as trends in interior design and even fashion.

The colour scheme of a room is one such regular fluctuation. Take a look at the following top bespoke colour trends for 2013:

Defined colours

There are some much-defined colours emerging as this year’s ‘must haves’ in bespoke furniture, including purple, white, duck egg blue and yellow.


We don’t mean deep, gothic purple, but lighter and pastel versions of purple that denote a sense of freshness and a Spring-like feel. Lighter shades of purple look great with darker tones, and can create an air of mystery and intrigue.


White’s domineering presence on the catwalks of Milan, London, New York and Madrid has translated into furniture trends for 2013. Crisp whites are being implemented one way or another into furniture this year, and the trend is being lapped up by savvy bespoke furniture designers.

Draping a dazzling white throw over a bespoke settee would make a dramatic and stylish contrast to a lounge that is dominated with furniture and fittings made out of dark wood, such as mahogany. 

Duck egg blue

Duck egg blue comes in waves of popularity in the world of interior design, and this Spring this colour happens to be all the rage. One of the reasons for the popularity of this ‘gentle’ colour is that it denotes both a spiritually-lifting feeling of the ocean, as well as bringing out the light components of a room, making even the darkest of spaces appear lighter.


There is no colour quite like yellow to create an optimistic atmosphere of Spring. Rather than being plain yellow designs, yellow patterns are being heavily drawn into astute bespoke designs this season.

Patterns in a yellow shade are particularly prevalent in both wallpaper and cushions, providing a snippet of Spring each time you walk into the room.

Enfield-based furniture design company couturefurniture.com provides a range of bespoke furniture to cater for individual tastes and requirements, and will certainly be able to assist in creating a style and colour scheme that is in keeping with this year’s bespoke furniture trends.

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