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By Bluebell Fitted Furniture Feb 15, 2021

Essential kitchen furniture accessory trends

If you are not yet ready to do a full kitchen renovation, but you want to refresh your cooking space, consider investing in the latest trends in kitchen furniture accessories, suggests Bluebell Fitted Furniture … 

These kitchen upgrades can give your kitchen an entirely new look, without having to knock down the walls. Whether it's a built-in wine cooler, stylish pendant lighting, interesting artwork, and even smart appliances, investing in these kitchen furniture accessories can give your kitchen such a noticeable transformation that you will find yourself loving it even more!

Appliances built into shelves

If you have limited space in your kitchen, the built-in kitchen appliances are the way to go. They are compact, convenient, and aesthetically appealing. These appliances are also ideal for modern designed kitchens. They feature a clean and elegant look, which exudes a contemporary vibe.

One of the most popular kitchen accessories that can be integrated into your kitchen shelves is the wine cooler. Built-in wine coolers are built to the same depth as that of your kitchen shelves, which allows you to maximise the space. Aside from the wine cooler, you can also choose to have an oven and fridge built into your kitchen wall. The biggest advantage of having built-in kitchen appliances is that their seamless design will fit with the overall aesthetic of your kitchen space. Of course, they also make cooking and preparing food much easier.

Interesting pendant lighting

Transform your kitchen by hanging a stylish pendant light. Pendant lights come in different forms and styles – when deciding which style to go for, consider the type of lighting that you want to feature in your kitchen. If your kitchen has plenty of large windows, then you may not need more ambient light during the day. However, task lighting for the counter will surely come in handy.

If you want the pendant light to be the star feature in your kitchen, then choose a pendant light that could cast an interesting shadow on your ceiling. This is especially suitable for kitchens with a high ceiling. What's great about the pendant light is that it can be both decorative and functional.

Think of pendant lights as the jewellery for your kitchen. Choosing the right ones can tie the whole room together and make your space to stand out. But where should you hang the pendant light? Experts recommend hanging the lights about 30-36in above the countertop. This is the most suitable height for over-counter installation, especially if you want the light to illuminate your kitchen island.

Adding art to the kitchen

Bring personality to your space by adding a piece of artwork. This can come in the form of sculptures, painting, and other decorative art pieces. When chosen carefully, these art pieces can set the mood of your kitchen and improve the room's overall look and feel.

Choose those art pieces with colours that complement the overall design of the space. If your kitchen has a fairly neutral theme, you can have a painting with bold colours. Place the painting in areas that are not exposed to water or heat, so it won't get damaged. Remember, it does not only need to hang on the walls. You can also place these art pieces on top of your kitchen counter or shelves.

Every room needs to have one statement piece that will take it to the next level, and an oversized painting or sculpture can be the perfect choice for your kitchen. These art pieces are a great way to inject personality in your kitchen without having to do any major changes. If you're only renting the place, you can even take these things with you when you leave.

Embedded wine racks

If you are a wine enthusiast but don't have a wine cellar at home, you can turn to wine racks to proudly display your collection. These racks can be a great accessory to place in your kitchen, since it's where the wine glasses are stored.

One of the latest kitchen furniture accessory trends to invest in is the embedded wine rack. These racks can be embedded into your kitchen wall, which is a great way to maximise the space. Even if the space in your kitchen is tiny, finding a bespoke kitchen design can maximise its potential and create a wine rack that fits the space and your personality. So, consider embedding a stylish wine rack into it, where you can shelve all your wine bottles.

If you're lucky enough to have a spacious kitchen with a high ceiling, then make good use of the space by building a tall wine rack. Ladders are also making a comeback these days, allowing you to reach those bottles at the top. A tall wine rack is a great idea if you want to display your huge collection of exquisite wines.

Smart technology

Another way to upgrade your kitchen without doing a full renovation is to make smart updates in some of the appliances and accessories. There are plenty of smart gadgets out there that can certainly improve the way your kitchen works. Best of all, these gadgets don't come with a hefty price tag, so there's no need to take out a mortgage when making smart updates in your kitchen space.

First of all, identify what you need to have in your kitchen. There are plenty of smart gadgets out there, and if you don't want to end up overspending, you should come up with a list before you start shopping. If you don't mind splurging, you can go for an Alexa-powered smart speaker that allows you to control your kitchen gadgets through voice commands. But if you want something more budget-friendly, you can have USB-powered kitchen appliances, such as a water heater or mini-fridge.

There are also motion sensor lights that can be installed under the kitchen shelf or cabinet. These lights might cost more than a regular light, but they can help you save on your electricity bill. The lights will only turn on once they sense a motion, and will immediately turn off if you're no longer around.

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